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General Hospital News: Emma Samms Engaged For 5th Time To Future 4th Husband!

General Hospital: Emma Samms General Hospital star Emma Samms, also famed for her role in Dynasty, just announced her engagement to the man who might become her fourth husband. 

(We say “might” because this engagement actually marks her fifth time being engaged!)  And Samms made an intriguing choice for the gentleman with whom she will soon walk down the wedding aisle. 

Find out all about who won the General Hospital star’s heart below! 

General Hospital News – Actress Emma Samms Finds Love… Again

Soap opera legend Emma Samms has fallen in love with a serious journalist, GB News presenter Simon McCoy, reports the Daily Mail.

What could a 61-year-old actress known for starring in the fictional daytime soap opera world of General Hospital as well as the prime-time soap opera realm of Dynasty have in common with a 59-year-old news presenter?

Well, McCoy has earned his own niche in the news-casting world for choosing wit to tell his stories rather than going for an over-the-top sensational style. And that humor just might appeal to Samms. Of course, there’s also the theory that opposites attract! 

Simon shared that he and Emma feel “so happy” about their engagement and that their children support their upcoming wedding. 

McCoy and his first wife have a son, Max, who is 28. Simon subsequently tied the knot with BBC South West star Victoria Graham, 46. They divorced in January 2019.

The General Hospital star, who became famous for her portrayal of Fallon Carrington on soap opera Dynasty, has two children with her third husband John Holloway. 

GH News – Emma Samms Outdoes Soap Operas With Real Life Love History!

General Hospital star Emma Samms went the legal route in choosing her first two husbands.  Her first and second marriages involved lawyers Bansi Nagji and Tim Dillon.

As for her third husband, John Holloway, the father of her children is a psychiatrist. And as we noted above, Emma’s engagement to McCoy actually marks her fifth time getting engaged.

The engagement that never got fulfilled with marriage involved a famous American composer, Marvin Hamlisch.  

General Hospital News  – When And Where Will Emma Samms Wed For Fourth Time? 

At this point, Samms and her future husband haven’t revealed an exact date or location.  However, the happy couple did share their plans to stage a “joyful” celebration next spring.

At that point, Emma and Simon hope that the pandemic will have eased enough to make it safe to hold a party.

And Samms’ fondness for both country and city could even turn into a decision to hold two celebrations, such as an intimate wedding and a large reception, in both places.

Currently, Simon and Emma reside at her home in the Cotswolds.  Their life in her country home include cows as neighbors, home-grown vegetables, and country lane.

However, Samms also is known to enjoy visits to Paris as well as tea parties at castles.  But Emma may want to avoid seeking out any tea parties at royal castles, because her future fourth husband is known for lacking enthusiasm about the royal family! 

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