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General Hospital News. Lexi Ainsworth Goes Back to School to Pursue Her Passion

General Hospital News. Lexi Ainsworth Goes Back to School to Pursue Her Passion“General Hospital’s” Lexi Ainsworth has a new passion—screenwriting—and she’s taking it seriously. The actress went back to school to learn this new craft.

“I just finished my first writing class at UCLA and I’m going to take a pilot-writing class in June,” she shared, via Soaps In Depth.

“I want to create this pilot — that’s the real reason I started. I’m learning about structure and all that, but I wrote my first spec script in class. So I’m going to start creating my own content. I’m going down the road!” she added.

Now that she’s into screenwriting, Ainsworth has gained a better appreciation of all those who pen the scripts on “General Hospital.”

“GH is such a difficult show to write, because there are so many characters and they all have to tie into each other somehow,” she explained.

“I’ve never attempted to write a soap script…but that might be something I try later. Right now, I’m just getting the basics and figuring out what my style and voice are,” she shared.

Ainsworth is already an accomplished actress and having screenwriting under her belt will surely be beneficial for her career.

Meanwhile, back in the world of General Hospital where Ainsworth plays Kristina Corinthos-Davis, it was teased that her alter ego wants to mend her relationship with mother Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). She’ll demand a family counseling session with Dr. Neil Byrne (Joe Flanagan) right away, adamant that she needs to come clean as soon as possible.

During the session, Kristina, Neil, and Alexis, Kristina admits that she claimed Alexis ran down her abusive ex on purpose even if she knew that it was in fact an accident. She hated herself for what she’s done and for wrongly believing that she needed to impress the cult leader Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin).

Alexis feels hurt with the revelation and when she asks Kristina why she did it, she says she’d rather lie about an accident than betray her father by saying something that could be true about him. Viewers have yet to find out how this session turns out. Is it going to be beneficial in repairing her relationship with her mother or will it cause more problems than expected?

It looks like we’re in for a great episode on Wednesday! As always, more detailed Spoilers and Breaking news will appear here on Celebrating The Soaps!


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    Do not need Hayden back!!! Give Drew more screen time. He is my favorite. Give michael his son back and quit acting like we are idiots.

  2. Guest says

    GH should let Lexi write an episode!

  3. Guest says

    Multitalented girl…Acting, singing (nurses ball last year) and now writing! ✍️

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