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General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart Talks New Gig—Here are The Details!

General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart Talks New Gig—Here are The Details!General Hospital (GH) star James Patrick Stuart may be known to soap opera fans as Valentin Cassadine on the ABC soap opera, but he is venturing on to a new gig. And, as sweet as it sounds, his father was his inspiration.

James said that when he and his brother became adults, they went in different career directions. He went into acting and his brother became a scientist. Year after year, his father would ask him when he was going to record an album. His father would tell him that he was raised to be a musician.

Stuart comes from a musical pedigree. His father is folk singer Chad Stuart, half of the duo from Chad and Jeremy. James said his first album will be called, The Apple Tree, and it is a tribute to his father.

His father was into music and wanted him and his brother to follow his path, but they took a completely different career path. Finally, he decided to write and record an album, and he hopes it makes his father proud.

Stuart said that he put some of his father’s songs on the album. He had his father’s old music partner Jeremy sing a few of the songs with him. James noted that he picked some of his dad’s songs because he wanted this album to be a present for his dad.

Stuart said that his father is very excited about this venture and he is thrilled he selected some of his music to sing. He said that his dad has asked along the way to listen to what he’s doing in the studio, but James doesn’t want him to hear until he is completely done.

While it isn’t completely done yet, it should be too much longer. Once completed and edited, it will be released on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. It may not be available to CD as it is hard to find a distributor anymore.

It sounds like this project is dear to James’ heart and he thinks his GH fans will like it. Thankfully, this should affect his airtime on the AC soap opera.

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