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General Hospital Spoilers: A New Love Triangle Heats Up In Port Charles—Will Nina Leave Valentin For Jax?

General Hospital Spoilers: A New Love Triangle Heats Up In Port Charles—Will Nina Leave Valentin For Jax?General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of July 8 tease that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) hired Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) to dig up dirt on Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher). The real issue is Valentin suspects that Jax might be interested in Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros).

Nina’s interaction with Jax has left Valentin feeling nervous, as his fiancée seems taken by the man. And, Valentin has every reason to feel that way as Nina was pretty taken with him too.

Jax took over Aurora Media and Crimson Magazine. Before officially taking over, he did his homework so he knew everything about the company. When he discovered that the takeover would irritate a Cassadine, that was an added bonus.

General Hospital Spoilers – Are Nina And Valentin Really In A Good Place?

Valentin lost his mind when Nina postponed their wedding so she could focus her energy on Crimson and improving the magazine. She wants to make sure she is a strong woman and unable to be manipulated before she finally walks down the aisle with Valentin.

The real trouble on GH is Nina is taken with Jax. She finds him charming, very attractive, and intelligent. But, just because they have a noticeable attraction for each other doesn’t mean they won’t have any conflict.

CBS Soaps In Depth report that these conflicts will bond them this love triangle heats up. No daytime couple ever gets together through an easy path.

General Hospital Spoilers – Is Jax The Right Man For Nina?

Nina’s dilemma is that she’s cares about both men. GH spoilers tease that Jax and Valentin are very different men, with very ways of running businesses and personal relationships. Jax is kind and fair while Valentin is ruthless.

In some ways, Jax is everything that Nina is looking for. He always does the right thing. While Valentin is self-serving and is always out for himself.

It will be interesting to see who Nina picks between the two men. Valentin could be in real trouble. Jax will definitely give him a run for his money in a fight to win Nina’s heart.

Who will win Nina’s heart—Jax or Valentin? Do you think Valentin will find dirt on Jax that he can use to bury him?

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  1. Guest says

    The writing is on the wall. Very predictable as GH has been for the last few years.

  2. Guest says

    Will you please have Nina and Sam speak up so they can be heard? I’m tired of their mumbling.

  3. Guest says

    Correction, Sam and Hayden need to speak up and quit mumbling. (Not Nina).

  4. Guest says

    No because Nina is made for Valentine! The 2 are a..h…s! Anyway, I thought I saw Hayden Throw her arms around Jax’s neck lay a big smooch on him When they were on the haunted store and she first got there!?

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