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General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis’ Gun Violence Rant Gave Rise To Fan Debates

General Hospital spoilers tease Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) almost ran out of air while sitting across from Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and graciously accepting her thank you for keeping the story of Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlett Fernandez) shooting under wraps.

Alexis didn’t mince words when coming clean about her personal feelings, though — and fans were quick to point out that a bit too much of Nancy was coming through to Alexis, for their liking anyway.

Nancy Grahn has been in hot water with GH fans before on more than one occasion — most often for voicing her beliefs on political matters. This time around, her vehement snippet of a speech on gun violence made eyes roll.

General Hospital Spoilers — Anna Devane Gets A Pass

Alexis was just trying to be honest with Laura about the level to which her journalistic integrity rises.

She wasn’t keen on printing the names involved in this case because of who they were. Charlotte is a minor, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t reveal her identity to the public.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis' Gun Violence Rant Gave Rise To Fan Debates

However, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) could have been raked over the coals for this, if only Alexis had given the green light to include her name.

She shielded Anna from further harm to her reputation because she knew how much she had been through after The Sun article that outed her as a double agent decimated her career earlier this year.

Still, Alexis carried on, she wouldn’t have kept quiet about Anna’s role under any other circumstance.

After all, Anna was a highly trained professional. Alexis asserted that if Anna — of all people — could accidentally shoot a child, the story actually made her the poster child for a scathing gun violence piece.

GH Spoilers – Leak This Feels Familiar

The tone of Alexis’ short lived rant didn’t land well for some fans. While any one of us can come down on our own side of this debate.

What fans didn’t like the most was how keen Grahn seemed to be on sticking that politically-charged rhetoric into the script with her passion for it lurking behind every word.

If they could feel that, it may be a nod to Grahn’s acting skills. Nevertheless, what GH fans are tired of is the endless political chatter that has surrounded the show over the last few years — and for better or for worse, they have attached much of the arguments that have been had to Grahn.

General Hospital Spoilers — Alexis Davis Gets A Pass, too

It is true that Grahn has a history of speaking out about how she feels on political issues — and she’ll do so freely online. It is also true that she has as much right to do that as anyone else. But her words are not without consequence.

Many fans and longtime supporters turned against her after the verbal lashing she directed toward some of her costars in the wake of the ABC COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

They’re not looking for a repeat, and the same crowd is not eager to have Nancy — or Alexis — drag them into a war over the right to bear arms. Too far? Perhaps.

Could the fan base be triggered (pun intended) due to Grahn’s commentary over the last few years? Maybe.

One thing is for sure — they hope Alexis stays in her lane and gets back to work as an attorney soon, rather than the head honcho at a major news outlet. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers for a timeline on when that happens.

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