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Real Housewives: Hollywood Diet Drug Lets RHONJ Star Lose Weight On Pizza

Real Housewives stars have become famous for transforming their faces and bodies amid their first seasons. For instance, some lose weight. And others undergo plastic surgery to look younger.

But one Real Housewives star just shared that even a hospital stay for an impacted bowel won’t stop her from continuing to use a hot Hollywood weight loss drug. 

Find out which Real Housewives Of New Jersey (RHONJ) star made the shocking revelation. And keep reading to learn how she boasted about losing weight eating ice cream and bagels while taking Ozempic.  

Real Housewives Spoilers – Diet Drug Sparks Hospital Stay

How far will a Real Housewives star go in her weight loss quest? For one Real Housewives Of New Jersey star, suffering an impacted bowel and a hospitalization feel worth the price. And the reality TV star Jennifer Fessler revealed that she doesn’t even feel anxious about staying on Hollywood’s most popular weight loss drug Ozempic, per People.

Real Housewives: Hollywood Diet Drug Lets RHONJ Star Lose Weight On Pizza

“I had to go to the hospital for an impacted bowel. And I’m still not nervous about [taking] it,” shared the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) star about the weight loss drug.

And on her Two Jersey Js podcast with her Real Housewives of New Jersey costar Jackie Goldschneider, Jennifer spilled the details.

But the 53-year-old RHONJ star did go into details about ending up in the hospital for an impacted bowel after taking semaglutide. (Known under its brand name Semaglutide, the FDA-approved prescription drug also has become popular under brand names Ozempic and Wegovy). 

Real Housewives Spoilers – ‘Anything’ To Look Better

However, the FDA approved the prescription medication for type 2 diabetes or chronic obesity. But because it works in the brain to impact satiety, the drug has turned into a hot Hollywood weight loss trend for its off-label use to slim-down.

“I have been on, and I’m not going to call it Ozempic — that’s been the umbrella name. But I’ve been on semaglutide for over a year now, and I’ve lost maybe 22 pounds,” boasted Fessler. And she shared that she doesn’t feel any anxiety about staying on the medication. 

“I’m a raging hypochondriac,” confessed the Real Housewives star. “But when it comes to things having to do with my physical appearance, somehow that goes out the window. For instance, I’m not afraid at all of going into surgery for anything cosmetic.”

Real Housewives Spoilers – Lose Weight On Ice Cream

And Jennifer added, “I’m not afraid of Ozempic and I will tell you I have had an experience that was not good. I had to go to the hospital for an impacted bowel. And I’m still not nervous about it.”

However, Fessler admitted suffering from constipation, one of the side effects of Ozempic. But she made it worse by not drinking more water and eating more vegetables.

And instead, Jennifer enjoyed the drug’s benefit of letting her “eat what I want even when it’s not the most healthy choices and still lose weight. So maybe for the first time in my life, I’m losing weight on pizza and bagels and ice cream.”

But after becoming hospitalized for her impacted bowl, Jennifer has stayed on the drug while drinking more water and improving her diet. And she pointed out, “A lot of this you have to be proactive about. Am I worried about it? No. Am I aware of it and a little disappointed in myself for not addressing it sooner? Sure.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Jennifer staying on the weight loss drug despite the side effects? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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