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General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors: Elizabeth Baldwin Poisons Jason Morgan!

General Hospital: Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) General Hospital spoilers tease that in Port Charles, NY Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will get revenge, if she cannot get justice! Reeling from the murder of her beloved husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) in his art studio, she vows to make Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) pay! Could upcoming General Hospital episodes show Jason deathly ill after being poisoned?

General Hospital Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin Accused Jason Morgan Of Murdering Franco Baldwin

General Hospital viewers will remember that Jason and Elizabeth arrived at Franco’s art studio at the approximate same time. As Elizabeth knelt down and tried to keep Franco alive until the paramedics could get there, Jason was calling them on his phone, standing outside. Franco had tried to make Jason promise he would kill him if he became dangerous because of his returning brain tumor. Elizabeth knew of this, and when the Port Charles Police Department arrived, along with Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) she told Jordan that Jason did it, and told her about Franco’s deal with him.

Jason had never really promised Franco what he asked, although he had been trying to keep an eye on him as much as he could. The Crime Scene Unit techs were already gathering forensic evidence as the paramedics were getting Franco on the gurney to take him to the morgue, since unfortunately Franco did not survive his bullet wound. Jason indeed was taken in for questioning, and he, as Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) hit man would be a person of interest in pretty much any murder in town, plus his past with Franco when he was bad Franco would make him a suspect. But by the time the forensics come in, Jason will be ruled out as a suspect because his prints won’t be found and the bullet that killed Franco won’t match Jason’s gun! Elizabeth will be livid if Jason goes free!

GH Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin Is Devastated And Angry The Day Of Franco Baldwin’s Funeral

Luckily for Elizabeth, her friends as well as Franco’s have swooped in to help Elizabeth so she doesn’t have to handle Franco’s funeral arrangements. Ava and Nikolas Cassadine (Maura West, Marcus Coloma) are there for support, and Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) is there to support Cameron Webber (William Lipton) among others. Ava appears to be holding it in her art gallery, which is something Franco would have loved; there is a large photograph of Franco adorning the wall. But the devastated and angry Elizabeth cannot rid herself of her anger or blame towards Jason! Back in her kitchen, where she has a large bowl of Granny Smith apples, she lashes out, and exclaims loudly that she is going to make Jason pay!

Elizabeth, as a nurse would know what she could use to make Jason pay – she could get any number of onerous substances to inject one of those apples with to give Jason to eat, or to put in a drink. She would know what kinds of substances work quickly, which work slowly, which make someone suffer a slow death and no one suspecting a poisoning. The drug of choice for most people wanting to hide a poisoning is arsenic, a component in most rat poisons! No one would suspect the normally sweet and kind Elizabeth could be capable of such rage or such murderous inclinations, but she is overwrought! The poor woman has been overcome with her grief and is not thinking rationally! Will she indeed poison Jason with a slow acting hard to detect poison like arsenic, which would act like so many other medical conditions? Tune in!

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  1. Guest says


  2. Guest says

    Yes but I can see why

  3. Guest says

    Yes!, Maybe she is in on the pretend death of Franco!

  4. Guest says

    She has three sons. I don't see her jeopardizing her life with them.

  5. Guest says

    Why they got rid of Franco and not Peter he the one who kill Franco. Just hope they find out that Franco is coming back in April he can be with Liz and the boys. Someday when Liz will find out that Jason didn’t kill Franco it was Peter they need to stop Peter for good. Love Franco and Liz and the boys it’s a wonderful family

  6. Guest says

    Yes yes gt the facts Liz yjadds your Son father. He did not kill franco. PETER AUGUST DID THE SAME VOICE FRANCO HEASRD IN HIS HEAD.

  7. Guest says

    Yes it’s her grief talking, Jason is the father of her son.

  8. Guest says

    I hate this idea! I really hope the writers haven’t gone there.

  9. ghculprit says

    yes, she's grieving and not thinking clearly.

  10. Guest says


  11. Guest says

    I think Liz is loosing her mind. If "She" goes to prison for killing Jason, who cares for her boys? Besides, she knows, deep inside, Jason would never do that to her and the boys.

  12. lbc says

    Of course Liz is acting out of character, she knows Jason much better than she is portraying now. Hope writers don't take Liz down this path, because if Jason actually did kill Franco and she killed Jason – where would her children be without her or Franco? Whoever is thinking of this even maybe happening is so far off course and needs to reconsider this thought process.

  13. Guest says

    Isn't Jason one of her sons dad?

  14. Guest says

    No. He is Jake's dad. She wouldn't.

  15. Guest says

    I hate this plot! But…. I have wanted Elizabeth on the front burner. I just hate that they always have her doing things that go so against her character. Please don’t take her down a path that she won’t be able to come back from, AGAIN! So many have turned against her, because of the way the writers use her character! Elizabeth is my all time fave! And I love her with Jason!

  16. Guest says

    No she really is a pain in the ass. I hope people she loves will see through her and not forgive her if she poisons Jason. They always forgive her actions.

  17. Guest says

    If ELIZABETH Trys To,Poison
    JASON, Knowing He Is The Father Of Her Son, She Is
    Doing This Out Of Character
    & Grief So Indeed She Needs
    To See A Therapist Before
    She Does Anything Drastic.

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