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General Hospital Spoilers: Blaze’s Uncle Was Banished From Family Due To Mob Ties, Not Being Gay

GH spoilers hint that as Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) and Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) get closer and closer, fans will continue to learn more about the singer and her past. She recently came out to her new friend about being gay.

However, while she knows her fans would be accepting of her sexuality, she’s worried her family would not be. Could Blaze have jumped to the wrong conclusion?

General Hospital Spoilers – Her Gay Uncle Was Banished From The Family … Or Was He?

GH spoilers state that Blaze believes that her catholic family banished an uncle because he was gay. Although, she wasn’t 100 percent sure that was the case.

General Hospital Spoilers: Blaze’s Uncle Was Banished From Family Due To Mob Ties, Not Being Gay

After all, she remembers him during her younger years, and all of a sudden, he was gone. Blaze has tried to find him online to talk things out, but because he’s got such a common name, it has been impossible to do so.

As such, she’s so worried about telling her family she’s a lesbian. Will she ever come clean to her abuela?

GH Spoilers – A Family Secret Hidden

Could it be that Blaze’s uncle was not gay, but part of the mob? Perhaps he was banished because of his criminal activity and the danger he posed to everyone, versus his sexual orientation.

Maybe he placed Blaze’s abuela in a scary situation, and the rest of the family stepped in; maybe her abuela is vehemently against organized crime (and anyone attached to it) because of what she went through.

As Kristina is so close to her dad, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), this could cause a major problem with Blaze and Ms. Corinthos-Davis down the road.

Blaze may gain the courage to tell her grandmother about her sexuality, and her abuela might very well be okay with it.

Still, once she finds out she’s dating Sonny Corinthos’s daughter, she may take issue with being involved with a mob boss’s daughter.

Could Blaze’s uncle have been banished because of ties to the mob? Maybe he was linked with Sonny’s organization, as her abuela lives so close to the mob boss’s island in Puerto Rico.

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