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General Hospital Spoilers: Cassandra James Calls Out Co-Star for Transphobia

General Hospital Spoilers: Cassandra James Calls Out Co-Star for TransphobiaGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Cassandra James (Dr. Terry Randolph) called out a co-star for a transphobic post. On Twitter, James stayed professional by not naming the co-star, but fans seem to have figured it out. Find out who James was talking about, details about the transphobic post and how Twitter users are supporting the actress.

Cassandra James Calls Out Co-Star

GH spoilers reveal that on Sunday, November 7, James addressed her fans and followers on Twitter. James let everyone know how disappointed and upsetting it was to see one of her co-stars share a transphobic post. The actress wrote,

“I am aware of a transphobic post shared by a fellow General Hospital actor. Shame on you. You have some serious unlearning and education to do. I feel deeply disappointed that such a public display of ignorance could come from our GH family.”
General Hospital Spoilers: Cassandra James Calls Out Co-Star for TransphobiaGH Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher’s Post

Even though James did not name who made the transphobic post, Ingo Rademacher (Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks) is well-known for making waves in a negative way. Right now, his focus seems to be on vaccine mandates. Looking at his Instagram stories, several of them were about the vaccine mandates that he is against. Buried in the dozens of stories he shared was one meme, which fans on Twitter believe is the post that James was referring to.

“Hello, and welcome to ClownTown, where the dude on the left is an empowering woman, and the woman on the right is a white supremacist.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Cassandra James Calls Out Co-Star for Transphobia

Fans React to Transphobic Message

General Hospital spoilers reveal fans and followers are supporting James on Twitter. Some commended her on taking the high road by not “naming names.” Others felt that she should have called out the transphobic co-star by name. When followers asked which co-star shared the transphobic message, the comments were filled with screenshots of Radamacher’s “ClownTown” post. In the Twitter thread, James made one more comment,

“Misgendering trans folks is violence and if you come for one of us, you come for all of us. The cis world doesn’t get to decide which of us is valuable. I am so proud of the fans for always holding us to a high standard, for calling out transphobia and violence.”

General Hospital: Star on His Way Out?

There have been rumors that Rademacher, who plays Jasper “Jax” Jacks, might be on his way out. Some fans on Twitter replied to James’ post and called for Rachemacher to get fired. That is when some predict that he might already be gone or is on his way out the door. We will have to see how the bosses at GH handle this situation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Update: Nancy Lee Gahn confirms Ingo Rademacher is no longer a GH cast member!

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