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General Hospital Spoilers: Chase And Willow Get Into Bed, Who’s The Daddy Story Coming Up?

General Hospital: Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen)General Hospital spoilers reveal that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) will be released from the hospital. He will be staying at Monica Quartermaine’s (Patty McCormack).house. Chase has already told Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) that he can’t wait to get Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) alone. It sounds like a “who’s the daddy” story is coming up.

General Hospital Spoilers – Passion With Michael Corinthos

GH spoilers reveal that Willow and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) admitted their feelings for one another. They landed in bed and then, Willow decided that she needed to tell Chase that she is now with Michael. However, that plan went down the tubes when Chase was rushed to the hospital.

GH Spoilers – Harrison Chase’s Poisoning

Chase was poisoned by Peter August (Wes Ramsey), even though Finn was his target. Chase doesn’t know the truth about his condition. Meanwhile, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is forced to play Peter’s games just to get another dose of the antidote. Willow and Michael decided not to tell Chase the truth until he is recovered. However, the head writer teased to Soap Opera Digest that Chase might not ever fully recover. So, what does that mean for Willow’s love life?

General Hospital Spoilers- Willow Tait’s Silence Causes More Pain

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Chase demanded to be released from the hospital. Finn knows that this is a risk but a compromise was made. Chase will be staying at Monica’s house. Chase mentioned to Finn that he can’t wait to get Willow alone. Fans know exactly what this means. Even though Willow loves Michael, how will she refuse sex with a dying man? Especially since Chase will wonder why she doesn’t want to make love to him? It will raise too many questions, so Willow might end up in bed with Chase.

Even though the truth would have been hard for Chase, it would be much better than the pain that is coming. Willow might have good intentions, but the lying and secrets will just snowball and create a much more painful reveal later on.

GH Spoilers – Who’s The Daddy Storyline?

As with many soap triangles, we expect Willow to get pregnant. It wasn’t that long ago that she slept with Michael. So, does she tell Michael that she sleeps with Chase? Who’s baby is it and how will Willow navigate this complicated love triangle? Who do you think Willow should be with and do you believe she will end up pregnant? What do you expect to happen with Chase and Michael? We will have to keep watching the ABC soap to find out what happens next.

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  1. lbc says

    Personally, I am hoping that she doesn't end up pregnant with anyone. Tired of this possible back and forth with Willow/Michael/Chase. If Willow is going to be with Michael tell the story that way and let them be together until something occurs to separate them as what is happening with other characters now. If Willow truly loves and wants to be with Michael the situation with Chase would not let her go as far as sleeping with him to keep him happy and then turn around and really break his heart. With the Willow we have now she is really getting disgusting. The whole story line is just plain old fashioned dumbness. Of course I realize this is a spoiler and what is printed here may not evolve into the story line.

  2. Guest says

    Please dont let her sleep with chase make her tell him the truth cause she loves Michael Please let her and Michael get pregnant and have a baby she needs to end it with chase im so sick of the dumb storyline and the months and months it takes to fix them about to be done watching especially if she sleeps with chase was waiting for her to admit her feelings for Michael then something happened to chase ridiculous

  3. Guest says

    It's time for the truth to come out as it iwill hurt all 3 of them more when it finally does.

  4. Ann Marie Blon says

    I hope Willow is not getting pregnant. Sasha shouldn't even be pregnant.

  5. April Carman says

    Please do not let Willow do that to Michael she loves Michael and I don’t see her doing that Wish they would just tell Chase that her and Michael are together and they’re going to stay together that he needs to go on with his life I know he’s sick but they need to tell the truth and I want Michael and Willow to stay together forever and Chase belongs with Brooklyn and I think they need to experience that and let him find love with Brooklyn and leave Michael and Willow alone and Wiley and let them have a family I love Michael and Willow that’s a perfect pair they got the perfect chemistry please don’t mess them up let Chase realize he has his own life and let Michael and Willow have theirs

  6. Guest says

    Willow and Michael need to stop the lie and tell Chase the truth….Its painful to watch her lead Chase on, this wont wind up good for anybody…

  7. Guest says

    For the Love of God STOP the same repetitive crap!! ANOTHER PREGNANCY ?????? SERIOUSLY? How how actually thinking and writing something NEW?

  8. Guest says

    willow does not love Michael she loves his money

  9. Guest says

    willow get this through your thick and stubborn head Michael already has a wife that lives in Stamford Connecticut

  10. Guest says

    willow does not love Michael she wants to her hands on the quatermaine fortune all to herself

  11. Guest says

    I really don't think so. She's just a confused young woman who needs to make up her mind about whom she wants to have a relationship.

  12. Guest says

    Isn't that funny…. he's not with Sasha because of Willow and the Wiley situation. Sasha didn't stay with Michael because she didn't think that she was the maternal type, but now she's pregnant. How ironic. I still think that she & Michael make a great couple. She's perfect for Michael…. however, I think Brando is great as well.

  13. Guest says

    The whole storyline is rediculous. Willow belongs with Michael. Tell Chase the truth. He’s a big boy he can take the truth.

  14. Kristine says

    Willow is caught up in the lifestyle and the security that Michael provides for her, but she’s not in love with him. Willow and Chase belong together!! Just for once let the average (also incredibly handsome ) nice guy come out ahead. Don’t like the tired storyline of a who’s the daddy: she needs romantic time with a fully recovered Chase, without any baby.

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