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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Chance Flips The Switch – Doesn’t Want Devon’s Baby

The Young And The Restless: Chance Chancellor Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. That is the tune it seems Abby Newman Chancellor (Melissa Ardway) will be singing as rumor has it that Chance Chancellor ( no actor’s name for now) is coming home. The spoilers are not saying exactly when but all of us keen-eared fans figure that it is going to happen because his name has been coming up quite a bit lately. The problem is, as the spoilers are suggesting, Chance will have a rough time of it as he struggles with Baby-Daddy envy.

He will feel that he was left out of the planning and not invited to the baby-making party. Here is why he would feel that way– Abby has had the planning part cover from the get-go because this whole baby-hatching journey was her idea. Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) did his part by providing the seed and Mariah Copeland ( Camryn Grimes) has the incubation part locked down so what does that leave for Chance but to feel inadequate and unnecessary. This is a recipe for disaster and I’m sure the spoilers will be bringing us up to speed when Abby’s world is about to be ROCKED. She will have a choice to make. Will she choose her husband whom she loves dearly or the baby that her heart and arms ache for?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Kyle Newman Is NOT The Father

Ooooo-weee hot off the tips of the spoilers tongues there is a rumor re-surfacing about the paternity of little Harrison Locke ( Kellen Enriguez ) saying Kyle Abbott( Michael Mealor ) may not be his dad. So, who pray to tell, could it be? Could it actually be Ashland Locke ( Richard Burgi )? Or (wait for it…wait for it) could it be Theo Vanderway ( Nic Luken )? After all, hasn’t Theo always wanted to be Kyle, have what Kyle had or has? Let’s see, there’s Summer Newman ( Hunter King ), Lola Rosales ( Sasha Calle ), Theo has been with them. Why wouldn’t he have been with Tara Locke ( Elizabeth Leiner ) also? After all, what do we REALLY know about Tara? The spoilers are on the case and we are sure to get more spoiler tea and jaw-dropping surprises.

Y&R Spoilers – Nick Furious Dumps Phyllis Newman – Too Many Hidden Secrets

The spoilers indicate Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will not be able to contain his anger when he finds out that Billy Boy Abbott ( Jason Thompson ) bedded his daughter Summer Newman (Hunter King). He will drop Phyllis like the bad habit that she is for him and this time there will be no going back. Nick will begin a new relationship “Adanic” (Adam and Nick) and together these brothers will come for Billy Boy Abbott. Explosive times are ahead in Genoa City.

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  1. Guest says

    Chance gave Abbey the go ahead, he has no right to be upset about any part of it! Did writers forget that?

  2. WillieMae says

    I agree with Alina, Chance gave Abby the go ahead with the baby without him. It's not Abby's fault that his swimmer didn't swim. Plus Abby had some scar tissues so she couldn't carry the baby. Chance is becoming a PITA (pain in the _ss).
    If that is the way he feels, he needs to stay MIA. A child doesn't ask to be born only to be loved, raised properly and cared for. This was a beautifully written story and I was glad when Devon and Mariah stepped up to the plate. If I was Abby, I would divorce him before he came home and marry Devon (they would make a cute couple). We do know that Abby and Devon will take excellent care of the baby and together they would be a beautiful family. Maybe this is what Young and Restless need, a couple that whether married or not, teach the rest of Genoa City how to raise a child the right way. The child would be rightfully spoiled in a good way. Let Chance hook up with Chelsea (the nut) and he will be glad to go MIA (missing in action). I was so ready to see a story written with a biracial child being raised by a mixed couple. If it happens, please write a lot of love into the story so as the child grows up, they feel the love of both parents and the entire family of both parents.

  3. Guest says

    I wonder why Chance doesn't want Devon's baby, it was agreed before he left on a mission. If Tara's been lying all this time about little Harrison just for old man Ashland to get off her back, why use the little guy? he is innocent, I still don't think the little boy Harrison is Kyle's I know its Theo's has his blonde curly hair so who's been played here?

  4. Guest says

    I am hoping Chance and Abbey will stay a very happy couple and welcome that baby with open arms. Chance should just be quiet and be happy. We all do have wait for his return.

  5. WillieMae says

    Andriene, I think that Tara and Ashland are both playing Kyle, I, too, think the little boy belongs to Theo. For all we know Theo and Ashland could have made this up together because remember, Theo was Kyle's friend when Kyle was in New York or where ever his father sent him to go to school. Theo knows all Kyle's little dirty deeds from when they were in New York. Also Ashland tried to steal Jabot from John Abbot years ago. So now he is causing problems again to get Kyle off his game so he can go to war with Jack for revenge again. If Jack knows he has a grandson that is being raised by Ashland Locke, the war is on again. I am sure Theo has a lot to do with this. You know, Tara might be helping her husband, Ashland, frame Kyle, so she can get her dirty little hands on Jabot to sell her products. Her business might be failing because of Jabot success. This story can go so many ways and I can't wait for it to heat up.

  6. Guest says

    Abby acted like she had to have a baby right off the bet.

  7. Guest says

    So another marriage will end why did they get married

  8. Jezz says

    This has been a disappointing story from the start. Breeding a baby like it's a pedigree puppy. Now we are left with a biracial child being unwanted by the would be dad because Abby picked the wrong fabric, style or colour, it's a baby not redecorating the lounge. There is so much wrong with this storyline, I hate it. Chance should come home and be happy with designer baby, because anything else is nasty now the story has gone this far. Making stories where babies are put together like it's a puppy farm is disgusting.

  9. books says

    Happy to know that Chance is coming back. Actually Abbey could have waited for at least six before having a baby. She, to me , was acting a desperate woman.

  10. books says

    She really did.

  11. books says

    I really hope Nick dump Phyllis and, this time make it permanent. Like the idea of Nick and Adam teaming up and going for Billy. If Lily is around and wants to stand in the way, so be it, too bad for her, she can go with Billy.
    Really hope Kyle is Harrison's dad.

  12. Guest says

    Kyle needs to stop this runaway train immediately and get a paternity test. Tara may be working with Theo to destroy Kyles happiness. Wake up Kyle.
    Abby was too pushy about a baby and too soon. Knew it would blow up in her face.

  13. Sunni92862 says

    Editors needed to correct this – Nic Luken is NOT playing “Theo Vanderway”
    Tyler Johnson has been playing Theo for over a YEAR now !!

    A simple Google search or seeing the cast on the official YR site would have told you that !!

    And if you found it there – some one needs to correct it!!!

  14. Guest says

    I hope they continue to use Boaz as Chance; he was really good as that character!! I think Abby will choose Chance over a baby that Mariah is getting awfully committed too. She may decide she & Tessa will decide to keep the baby themselves!!!

  15. Guest says

    If Chance don't want the baby. He is less the Man he pretended to be. He couldn't make a baby he should be blessed. that two people was willing to help him and Abby have their dream.

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