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General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Panics Her Arch Enemy Has Sasha, Beginning Of The End?

General Hospital spoilers tease Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) will be reeling when she learns that the staff at Ferncliff managed to let Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) slip right out of sight with Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattson) under his arm.

It’s going to be unfathomable to Gladys that she entrusted this facility with Sasha’s care and they were so careless, but at the same time, she will know she can’t make too much of a stink because of ties that bind her to Dr. Damon ‘Monty’ Montague (Darin Toonder).

How will she navigate this sticky situation when the truth is on the verge of coming out about what she’s done to her daughter-in-law?

General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Panics As She Learns Sasha Has Gone Missing From Ferncliff — With Her Arch Enemy


General Hospital Spoilers — Cody Bell’s Well-Intentioned Heart

Cody has the best of intentions in getting himself admitted to Ferncliff to rescue Sasha, and given how well it’s paid off so far, no one is going to convince him he made the wrong decision.

No one was willing to listen to his wild and unsubstantiated claims about Gladys, and he knew he had to act quickly before Sasha may have been rendered too far gone to bring her back.

But that doesn’t mean his plan is solid enough for him to ride it out with Sasha without any blowback.

GH Spoilers – Leak Gladys Corbin Peddles A Tall Tale

Gladys will know right away that it was Cody who took Sasha and fled the facility. She may give Dr. Monty quite a talking to as she questions how he could have possibly let Cody of all people slip past him.

It’s not entirely his fault, since Dr. Monty merely has privileges at Ferncliff but isn’t resident staff there.

Will they waste time bickering back and forth, or might this fiasco leave Dr. Monty feeling as much trepidation as Gladys that they’re about to be found out?

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General Hospital Spoilers — Monty Co-Signs And The PCPD Launch A Manhunt

When Dr. Monty backs Gladys up and declares it was Cody who knocked him out, tied him up, and ran off with Sasha, the PCPD will have no choice but to go after them.

That includes Mac Scorpio (John J. York), who can’t shake the feeling he gets about the guy and can’t help himself from wanting to help him.

Will the situation become dire enough that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) finds it’s high time he tells Mac the truth about his son?

Will Gladys be able to hold it together as the charade she has put on teeters on the brink of coming out and exposing her to everyone she knows?

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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