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General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory Drinks Poison Which Damages Vital Organ, Chase Only Match In Paternity Upset

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory HarrisonGeneral Hospital spoilers suggest that Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) may drink the poison meant for Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Could vital organ damage expose Cyrus Renault’s DNA test tampering?

General Hospital Spoilers – Peter August Attempts To Poison Hamilton Finn

General Hospital’s Peter August (Wes Ramsey) wants to get revenge on Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and plans to use Finn to do it. However, Finn is at dinner with both Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Gregory as well as Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney). Peter has paid the waiter to make sure that Finn receives the poison, however, there could be a mix up that causes Gregory to get it instead. Perhaps the waiter will pour the poison into the wrong drink and not realize that he mixed up the order. Finn and Gregory could switch the drink or even their food leaving the waiter to think that right person got the poison. Will Gregory have life threatening damage from the poison if he ingests it?

GH Spoilers – A Blood Type Match Could Expose The Truth

General Hospital’s chase is supposed to be Finn’s son, however, that was after Cyrus had the DNA test tampered with. If Gregory needs an organ or even blood, typing Chase’s blood could reveal the truth about his paternity. Will Gregory need something that only his biological son can provide? Finn may not be a match for Gregory, but Chase very well could be. Although Chase would be Gregory’s grandson, his blood type could prove the wrong. After all, Finn and Chase both question the results, will they find out that Gregory is Chase’s father after all?

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Gregory Chase Survive?

General Hospital’s Gregory my not survive the poisoning. After all, we do not know what Peter is giving him or how much is needed for a cardiac arrest. However, Gregory’s portrayer has other obligations as well. Perhaps Harrison wants to leave GH because of his prime-time role? If Gregory survives, he will have a chance to make up with Finn and also his wife Jackie. If Gregory does not survive, Finn is always going to blame himself for not having told the truth years ago. Finn will also be racked with guilt if he finds out that the poison was meant for him. Will Gregory and Finn have a chance to repair their relationship?

Both Finn and Chase love Gregory and would do anything for him. Will Chase learn the truth about his paternity without losing the only father he’s ever known?

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