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General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory Learns Of Brooke Lynn’s Pregnancy, Bittersweet News As Illness Takes Over

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brooke Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) and Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) recent conversation could be a huge hint of what is to come in their future.

Is their conversation about kids a hint that a pregnancy will soon be announced? Could Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) learn about his grandchildren just before his illness takes over?

General Hospital Spoilers – Gregory Chase Wants To See His Sons Happy

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Gregory wants to know that his sons are happy before he is forced to leave them either by death or by the illness taking over his body.

Presently Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is happy with Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). They may not be married and living as a family but they are getting their lives back on track.

General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory Learns Of Brooke Lynn’s Pregnancy, Bittersweet News As Illness Takes Over

Meanwhile, Chase and Brooke Lynn have decided to move up their wedding to make sure Gregory can attend.

With the latest discussion about kids, one cannot help but wonder if Chase and Brooke Lynn may be announcing a pregnancy before long. Brooke and Chase may be planning to wait but babies tend to come on their own time.

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Tend To Catch Onto Hints

Gregory’s conversation with TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellows) didn’t go unnoticed by fans either. The more baby talk around people associated with this story, the more fans believe that is what the writers plan to happen.

Chances are that before Gregory faces the end of his battle, Chase and Brooke Lynn will be announcing a baby on the way.

Finn has already hinted that his father just has a few months. What better way to add to the drama than to have Brooke Lynn discover that she has gotten pregnant so quickly.

At least Gregory would be around for alittle fatherly advice for his youngest son before his impending demise.

GH Spoilers: The Future Looks Bright For The Newlyweds

Spoilers say that the future is looking bright for Chase and Brooke Lynn. However, what better way to add some drama as to allo where to realizes she is pregnant and the two of them telling Gregory together.

Perhaps Gregory will even pen a special message to his unborn grandchild. After all, if Gregory doesn’t get to see this child, he would need to do something dramatic.

Could news of the new baby come as Gregory is on his deathbed so he nows what Chase has to look forward to? Could Chase and Brooke Lynn honor Gregory by naming their child after him?

Of course nothing is definite yet but that doesn’t mean fans won’t be hearing about this child soon. Will this baby be the one thing that helps Chase get past his father’s death?

Keep checking back for all of you General Hospital news, updates, and spoilers.

  1. DH says

    If the writers don’t find a scenario to find a misdiagnosis for Gregory they are really not thinking. They decide to cure Heather and Cyrus, two mentally, deviates, and let Gregory pass. So many stories for Gregory and another killing spree with the other two.

    1. Gammalinda48 says

      I’m totally with you on this, but I read somewhere that Gregory was misdiagnosed and it was Finn who figured it out !! PLEASE GH Writers let this happen from what I’ve read their are many GH Fan’s who would Love to see Gregory live, and end up healthy!! Then Tracy and Gregory might end up should we call it dating lol !!! We definitely need some happiness in Pine Valley Land don’t ya think??

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  3. Scott says

    At one point Finn was talking with an old friend to see if Greggory was misdiagnosed. That was a few months ago and Finn has yet to hear back from him.
    Greggory has become a popular character with his pairing with both Alexis and Tracy. This could be the start of a really good old fashion love triangle. Something GH fans haven’t seen in a really long time.

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  5. Anonymous says

    This is definitely a false spoiler BLQ isn’t pregnant at all in fact a few spoilers indicate it’s leading to a Chillow reunion

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