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General Hospital Spoilers: Haley Pullos Arrested For DUI After Freeway Crash

Actress Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing-Davis) was arrested for a DUI after reportedly causing a massive freeway crash. While she recently told Soap Opera Digest (SOD) she was taking a break to recover from an automobile accident, it looks like Pullos left out some details about the situation.

General Hospital Spoilers – Haley Pullos Is Lucky To Be Alive

As per, Pullos was on a Pasadena highway on April 29th when she swerved, jumped a dividing barrier, and hit oncoming traffic.

In fact, she hit another car that was going 60 miles per hour, head-on. When the police arrived on the scene, Ms. Pullos could not get out of her vehicle.

Haley Pullos

Firefighters eventually helped her out and in an ambulance. Unfortunately, it’s at this point that Haley got aggressive and violent with those who were trying to help her.

Cops at the scene reveal that the firefighter reviewing Pullos’s injuries was struck in the head by the actress. She then shouted at him saying, “This is a $400 f-ing shirt!”

GH Spoilers – Things Found In Haley Pullos’s Vehicle

According to TMZ, when the police searched her vehicle, they found mini bottles of tequila and weed edibles. Pullos was taken to the hospital, where police met her and Haley showed signs she’d been driving while drunk; she slurred her speech, had watery eyes, and there was the smell of alcohol on her breath.

She was arrested for DUI while at the hospital, and the police revealed that she became aggressive with hospital staff. As such, Pullos needed to be sedated. The driver in the other car did have some major injuries but thankfully survived the collision.

In other interesting news, the police told TMZ that this isn’t the first accident Pullos has been involved in. She was once a part of a hit-and-run crash. No official statement has been made by Haley Pullos or her rep, so far.

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  1. Crmomma says

    What was she thinking getting into a car and driving after she was drinking? It may not be a very popular opinion but I hope they throw the book at her!

    1. Cooker123 says

      As do I!! I detest drunk drivers. Look at the lives she impacted..the destruction .. I hope she does time. Been hoping for either a recast or just send the charecter off to some overseas university to teach law….anything yhat gets her gone. Molly adds nothing to any storyline and could easily be written off.

      1. Sharyn Fresia says

        I agree with all the above!

      2. Abby says

        She was.truly blessed she didn’t kill others and die herself ur right she should some kind of time so she will think wisely the next time she gets wants to drink and drive.

        1. Rosemarie Fike says

          Lot of strong opinion here, I agree

    2. Diana Roby says

      I totally agree.

    3. Karen Breaux says

      MeTo! Not a fan of her character on GH.
      I do not wish her harm, just WiseUp!!!

  2. Candy says

    So sad, she is a really good actress!

  3. Irene says

    I think after this accident and her entitled attitude she should be dropped from the soap. They’ve gotten rid of others for a lot less (like not getting the vaccine). I say fire her!

  4. cdf says

    Why do people think its ok to drink especially after drinking tequila then get into a “weapon” of that size! She should be thanking the highers to be that the other driver survived and that your own injuries aren’t worse! And just be cause you are an actress doesn’t exempt you from jail time so you definitely should have been arrested in your $400 shirt! So guess there will be a new Molly soon!!

  5. Mary says

    There should be serious consequences for this irresponsible behavior. I will never be able to see her as she is portrayed in GH. She obviously needs rehab & needs to lose this job.

    1. Diana says

      I agree 100%!! Just because they were mini bottles, doesn’t mean anything. I hope they throw the book at her and she loses her job! Impaired driving is inexcusable.

  6. Nick miller says

    What an idiot. And dangerous. Needs to do real jail time and be fired.

  7. Debra says

    She should serve jail time this is not the first DWI look at the damage she caused to others and there are not ramifications bullshit and she should be off General Hospital she is not someone that anyone should admire…

  8. Kitty says

    I hope Haley sees this incident as a wake up call. It’s very easy to move from having fun to having a drinking problem. Haley, please stop drinking! I’ve been where you are. Life is much better without being drunk. Smoke weed instead. Seriously. You’ve got a bright future- but it will be so very easy to blow it. Take the hard route. Alcohol is no good for anyone

    1. Earth Pearl says

      “Smoke weed instead.” ??? You’ve got to be kidding. Anything that alters ones mind and senses is too dangerous to “take in” (i.e. smoke) and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive. Soon, you and all the rest of those who love to get high on pot and think it is 100% safe and great to fry brain cells with (many do this every single day as their chosen way to escape the world) will learn the hidden truth of THAT drug, too. Geesh…. unbelievable. Pot/weed smoked is definitely an unnecessary drug of choice and just as damaging as any other unnecessary, mind-altering drug. It doesn’t take us all being rocket scientists to be able to put the real science and math together to arrive at the correct and logical conclusion. Recreational drugs are DANGEROUS and especially when drivers of vehicles are under the influence of them. ’nuff said.

  9. Deb Cemp says

    Unfortunately she made a bad choice and a serious mistake….I hope she faces the consequences of her actions . I also am happy the other person was involved is ok. However she is young and hopefully learned a valuable lesson. I’m not hoping she loses her job…she s a great actress.

  10. Nancy says

    Replace her with someone else!

  11. Diana Roby says

    She sounds like she needs a long time out behind bars. I hope the temp replacement becomes long-term. I truly detest people that drive drunk. Someone I deeply care about was killed by a drunk driver.

  12. Bjr says

    2nd incident? Obviously she didn’t learn her lesson the 1st time. Seems as if this girl has an entitlement attitude. Let’s hope she gets some help BUT she should definitely be off the show. She can not portray a women going through infertility & holding a serious job as prosecuted & being the voice of reason in her family because all we will ever see is a drunk, entitled, violent loser. Please recast!

    1. Kitty says

      No she’s got a substance abuse issue. She will have her day in court. She should not be fired.

      1. Jacqui says

        This goes beyond a substance abuse issue. I imagine the worst slap on the wrist she’ll receive will be thirty days in rehab and some community service, but her continued employment with GH will depend more on how much of a PR nightmare they do or don’t consider her to be. Substance abuse won’t be a deciding factor in this case.
        Other actors on the show have been let go for far less, so she shouldn’t be considered as any more important that they were. Time and viewership have proven over and over again that actor replacement isn’t the big issue many believe it to be as the characters’ fans transition rather easily, knowing their story lines survive.

  13. Abby says

    In the end she’s a human who likes alcohol and edible bud/weed. She probably thought at least I’m not smoking, I guess she figures why should I call a uber or taxi when I have my own. Whatever I wonder will she be punished like some non famous poor or middle class person . let’s wait and see.

  14. Tammy says

    While sounds like disney will be firing another actress. She is a beautiful and talented young lady but not bright about making the right decisions.

  15. JP1 says

    2 DUI’s?? The girl has real problems. And then to get violent when the EMT tried to help her. She actually hit him and yelled about her $400 shirt. Talk about an entitled twit. I hope GH does not take her back, as I rally won’t be able to watch her now. She needs to go to rehab and she needs to pay for her stupid decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. She is lucky she didn’t kill the other driver or herself.

  16. Mora says

    She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, serve time in prison, and be fired from General Hospital. She’s an entitled, useless human being.

  17. BB says

    She is a spoiled rotten rich bitch. Never have liked her on the show and obviously she is a bitch in real life No regard for human life.

  18. Eileen Hargis says

    She has some serious issues and a very entitled attitude. She needs professinal help and to GROW UP! Im not sure if GH will wait for her to straighten her act up.

  19. Debbie Caldwell says

    I am glad no one was killed. I am very disappointed in her actions. I will never see her in the same light. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she leaves the show. She is very irresponsible.

  20. globee says

    Wow, I really hated to hear about the accident, but she should have had sense to know that it could happen. Having A drink and driving is completely different from drunk driving. I remember a few years ago cases in Los Angeles relating to drunk drivers, and I believe suggesting having their cars taken away, but one of the politicians there said the drunk drivers needed their cars to go to work. I thought that was such a stupid argument, because the drunk driver is aware that they need their automobiles, or they can take public transportation. DRUNK drivers that ever had been arrested for it should have their automobiles taken, along with their drivers license, why indulge them by kissing them on the cheek, and allowing them to possibly get behind the wheel, and kill someone?

  21. GHFan101 says

    To the writers. Don’t bring her personal off screen issues to the show. Its going to ruin her on screen character. Because of her off screen actions I can see why they would recast her. what if her child would have been in the car or her man or both or someone else she cared about. Shame on her! But the question is… What drove her to drinking like that and what was she trying to get away from?

    1. ZizzyTop says

      The driver that she hit head on is in critical condition. You referenced what if he child, her man, or both were with her. What about the actual person who’s life she damned near took? What about them? Wrong way head-on collision…2nd DUI….. Assault on a police officer trying to get her out of the wreck… assault on the EMT, who evidently damaged her ” F$$$ $400 shirt!”….assault on the hospital staff to the point she was sedated.. She needs to go to JAIL!! And lose her job. I’ll never be able to look at her the same way again. Ever…Drunk Drivers are the lowest form of pond scum!

  22. Brenda says

    Ditch the storyline of Molly wanting to have a baby. It boring to see her whine and cry. Send Holly packing and don’t bring her back.

  23. Darlene says

    Think she should be recast

  24. jon says

    spoiled brat

  25. jon says

    spoiled brat, wheres her mugshot

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