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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Kim Nero Leaving GH – Tamara Braun Shares What’s Next After Oscar’s Death

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Kim Nero Leaving GH - Tamara Braun Shares What’s Next After Oscar’s DeathIf there’s one person who’s greatly affected by Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) death, it’s no other than his mother, Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). They’ve been each other’s anchor ever since and now that he’s gone, Kim is feeling lost without her son.

Even though she won’t be alone in grieving for her loss, Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) won’t be able to fill the void in her heart. She’ll be making unusual requests that will make other people think that she’s going crazy. Kim’s portrayer opens up about her character’s grief and future now that Oscar is no longer by her side, in an interview with Soaps In Depth.

Braun explained her character’s relationship with Oscar. “They were each other’s everything,” she said. “You don’t often see mother/son relationships portrayed that close, loving and communicative. I really loved that bond — which was mutual. It wasn’t that she was a smothering mother,” she continued.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Tamara Braun On Oscar Nero’s Death

“It seemed like a lovely two-way street of respect and connection. When he was dying, it was like she was losing a limb. More than a limb, she was losing her heart!” she explained.

She has nothing to say but good things about Oscar’s portrayer, Garren Stitt. She said, “I adore Garren, and I was very sad he was leaving. I felt so connected to him. Three days of Oscar dying and letting go, it felt like everything lined up. Just seeing him like that, it was there for me.”

The only thing that made it difficult for her was that they had to shoot a lot and that things weren’t always in order. However, she admitted that everything was well done and that made her job easier.

She also recognized the writers for their impeccable work. “The writers did a lovely tribute to Oscar, his life and the people who loved him,” she said. “They did a beautiful job with the love story of Joss and Oscar and the teenage couple saying good-bye with the family all around,” she added. “And during those last days, it was great to bring in Monica, Ned and Olivia. I loved how they wove everyone into it — because the death of a loved one touches everybody.”

Is Kim Nero Leaving General Hospital?

Braun said Kim will have a hard time moving on from her son’s passing. “This loss has affected her in a way she’s never been affected,” Braun explained. His death will push her to her limits and her ways of grieving are unusual. She’ll ask Julian and Drew to make a new baby with her. “In her twisted grieving mind, she wants some essence of Oscar back. And she feels like if she has another baby, somehow it will be like a little piece of him,” Braun explained.

Braun hopes that if her Kim suffers a mental breakdown, the show will present it in a way wherein those who have lost a loved one could relate to the story.

“If she goes nuts, I hope we address it in a way that will be useful for viewers who’ve gone through this or seen a loved one have a psychological break because of trauma. I’m hoping we take the opportunity to make this into a real teachable moment to help people understand what can happen if someone doesn’t get the kind of help they need,” Braun said.

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  1. Pat Mitchell Bryant says

    Yes … She seems to have a future with Julian. Go with that.

  2. Randie Walton says

    So is she planning on leaving or not

  3. Guest says

    I wish they would let her grow into a stronger character like she was when she played Carly and stay with Julian.

  4. Guest says

    Yes I like her character. Let them play it out n see where this story goes. It’s a good storyline

  5. Tamara Maureen Dozier says

    Yes. I’ve always loved her as an actress. Please dont leave. But I think her and Drew belongs together

  6. Guest says

    I’m kinda glad she is leaving. I know it can be hard to lose someone close but it’s like Shiloh it’s dragging on to long,put some happiness in the show now. Put Cameron and Joss together make the both of them happy. Please!

  7. Guest says

    Please let Julian’s love and devotion save her. Show her the house and ask for redecoration advice. Bond forever. They are a great couple.

  8. Guest says

    I hope she stays But I love Drew and sad he’s leaving

  9. Guest says

    I love Kim and hope she isn’t leaving. She’s good for the show and Julian.

  10. Guest says

    Yes, she should leave alone. I don’t want her to come between Franco and Elizabeth just because he has Drew’s memories now. That would be awful for her to play on those memories when she knows that it’s really Franco and not Drew.

  11. Guest says

    I lost my son 26 months ago. Losing a child is something no other parent should experience. They tell you it will get easier. Learning how to grieve is not the same from person to another. I still breakdown and ask “Why” my son? It was very hard to watch those final days. I cried with them and in my head and heart it was my son I was saying goodbye too.

  12. Guest says


  13. RavenJackal says

    I will miss Kim if she leaves. I do not see any reason why Tamara should have to leave just because Billy is leaving now. I am sure Kim could do more after losing Oscar and Drew.

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