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General Hospital Spoilers: Jax Is Killed, Josslyn Blames Carly

General Hospital Spoilers: Jasper JaxGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal a possible sad and tragic ending for Jasper Jax Jacks, the Australian millionaire playboy who has been making the Upstate New York town of Port Charles his American haven off and on for 25 years.

General Hospital Spoilers – Jasper Jax Caught In The Crossfire?

With Ingo Rademacher out at GH because he refused to comply with the show’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, something has to happen to Jax soon, as his last airdate is November 22. While it would be simple for him to just leave town for some business down under, it would be much more dramatic if he is killed off in the crossfire of a mob war.

It wouldn’t be unusual for anyone in Port Charles to end up shot during some kind of gun battle involving Sonny and The Other Mob Family of the Moment, and it would make sense for Jax to end up in the thick of things if he is trying to save Josslyn (Eden McCoy) or even Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) or Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

Jax’s death would leave a major hole in Josslyn’s heart and she could finally wake up to the reality she’s been living as a mafia princess. It’s not just bodyguards, limos, and money for everything you’ll ever want — it’s also a dangerous life and a criminal life. Losing her father could open up a whole new can of worms and story for Josslyn.

GH Spoilers – Josslyn Jacks Blames Her Mother

If Joss loses her father, she will know it’s because of her mother’s choice to be married to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and even become a mafia queen herself. There has barely been a rift between Carly and Joss all these years and we’re due for one if GH wants to keep calling itself a soap opera. Perhaps the show can redeem itself for Michael not staying angry at Sonny for killing his biological father, AJ Quartermaine.

With Josslyn now of age, she can just choose to abandon her mother and fend for herself in life. Perhaps she can even get a job like Spencer (Nicholas Chavez). Carly would also be heartbroken that she no longer has her mini-me in her life and maybe her own eyes will open up to the hell she and Sonny have caused their children because of his choice of careers. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see how Jax’s exit plays out.

  1. lbc says

    Even though the Jax character can be quite questionable from time to time, I don't feel that his leaving due to the COVID situation should cause him to be killed off. Just allow him to leave and have the door open for a return at a future time. Joss needs Jax to keep her grounded as she surely doesn't get that from any other adult in her orbit. Hopefully, COVID won't be around forever, and those who are loosing employment in any profession due to the mandates, should be able to return at future dates. My opinion only.

  2. Guest says

    i hope jax is not killedn off either. juist have him leave town .uest

  3. Guest says

    According to the actual news reports ingo made a bad remark regarding a transgender person

  4. Guest says

    Jax should not be killed off. Let him just leave because he has lost all his Battles in port Charles

  5. cathycarol says

    I’ve been watching GH since 78 with the beginning of Luke and Laura. I’m so fed up with Covid dictating to all writers and leaders of organizations and companies. It’s just plain wrong to murder Jax because he has an individual opinion about the vaccine. As for Steve Burton, his fate is probably due before Thanksgiving. Same reason. And we the faithful viewers are the losers to these vaccine decisions.

  6. Guest says

    Abc should thinks better

  7. Guest says

    I agree too they are using this Covid news for there own and sad for actors being pushed around and forgettting us the public who feel happy about these people and should make us happy and lose good actors ,

  8. Guest says

    I think Jax should just go home Australia and leave ,abc gh did him wrong ,if this is want is going to be then sonny should have gone away with Brenda Carly betrayed Brenda don’t

  9. Guest says

    When will they get rid of Nancy Lee Grahn for all her comments???

  10. Guest says

    Sorry soaps started to be happy sad romance and now all these changing in people is to real soaps are suppose to take yiu away and feel good happy,stop all what people are in the world these years stinky crybaby,
    Will miss Jax but maybe best for him to leave not killed
    Nina fault ,this Nina the other one was better and she left on different channel

  11. Steven Otero says

    If Jax dies I'm sure he took care of Joss in his will. That would allow her to move out & start her own life .

  12. Guest says

    they cannot dictate a mandate to get the vaccine . And actors who have gotten covid have immunity anyway and its illegal to make people get the vaccine stand on your constitutional rights . Things are a mess right now son't kill off our favorite characters .

  13. Guest says

    Joss is a spoiled rotten and she acts as if she better then the rest of those teens so she best hold off the blame game with her mother Carly, she lucky she is still alive but blammg Carly want get Joss any where. I feel Mother Carly got enough to deal with especially when Mike aka Sonny still keeping his betrayal with Nina a secret.

  14. Guest says

    Please, Please wind up this story line about Peter August. I am tired of seeing the vicous things he is doing on the story. We see enough violence on the News happening on the street. who want to watch an actor cut himself cause another human has control of his mind. Peter has been on long enough.

  15. Guest says

    He is a supporter of trump. Anyone who backs someone who wants to destroy our Democracy doesn't belong here. He's not even a good American.

  16. Guest says

    With people like him not willing to get vaccinated puts everyone else in danger.

  17. Guest says

    It is NOT illegal. It's NOT unconstitutional. And they CAN issue a mandate.

    Getting COVID does NOT make you immune or prevent you from spreading it.

  18. Guest says

    All the more reason!! These hateful and negative comments about others need to be penalized. I don't care about the character…..I care about people's feelings. Give up the ghost of these backwards and outdated thoughts!!!!!!!

  19. Guest says

    Oh absolutely!!!!!! I cannot even believe they are supporting this garbage!! My mother watches "Days" and they have a 'Possession' story going on–Part Deaux—now this is really stupid!! Characters without any redeemable soul—Nina, Peter and yes, Jax—he participated in Nina's fraud, should GO!!!!!

    Why can't they get her in PC? The crime occurred there too!!!!

  20. Guest says

    How about reading the grammar over over plus spelling BEFORE posting!!!!!

  21. Guest says

    ITA,with you. I have always liked Jax.

  22. Guest says

    There is no federal law mandating vaccines, we never voted on it because it doesn't exist and the corporate communism needs to end now!

  23. Guest says

    Nancy Lee Grahn has the courage to speak up and voice her opinion. I applaud her. I think it’s selfish of Ingo and Steve to put their fellow actors at risk, by refusing to get vaccinated while a potentially deadly virus is running ramped. Why should innocent people suffer for their choices.?!

  24. Guest says

    I Use To But lately He's
    Been To Much Of A
    Monday Morning
    Quarteback, Always
    Telling Others What
    They Should Or What
    Not To Do, Unsolicited
    Advice Is Just Annoying
    JAX, Leave That To

  25. Guest says

    Do your research that is not why he was released.

  26. Guest says

    And neither does having the vaccine. Vaccinated people can get it, spread it and die from it too.

  27. Guest says

    And why should an innocent person suffer when they get COVID from a VACCINATED person. Wake up people…..vaccinated people can get it, spread it and die from it too. Talk to any Doctor.

  28. Guest says

    They film weeks out and the post he shared happened this week so that has nothing to do with it.

  29. Guest says

    I’ve been sick of her for sometime now.
    I’m not interested in her leftist political stand, or her opinion of other cast members’ personal lives and decisions.
    I know most actors are far left liberals, but they don’t preach it constantly and insult those that don’t agree.
    I quit following her on TWITTER for that very reason.
    And I don’t even want to look at Alexis anymore.

  30. Guest says

    No he didn’t. He did a video on Instagram to make the facts clear.
    He was not afforded his rights as an individual.
    He was done dirty after 25 years as a character.

  31. Guest says

    I have been thinking the same thing. Oh but wait. Only liberals are allowed to publicly state their opinions. I was a NLG fan for a long time – no more. As far as I am concerned NLG's scenes will be fast forwarded on my DVR.

  32. Guest says

    Cracks me up when people complain about soaps. GH has always had violence from the time Sonny was on; he hung AJ from a meat hook. Threatened to kill him constantly. Drugged women at the strip club he was managing. Michael was shot in the head. He was raped. Years later people acting like GH was Father Knows Best and it's changed. The only thing that changed is that they got rid of way too many vets. Criminals like Faison, Ryan, Helena; it's always had violence and capers to hurt people. Alan Quartermaine had a heart attack after being held hostage with a slew of characters by Jerry Jax, etc, etc… I'd rather see fake violence than stories about illness; fatal disease like brain tumors that GH was doing. No one needs stories about disease…

  33. Guest says

    Businesses can do what they want; they don't need a federal mandate. This isn't the government's decision. It's Disney/ABC/GH and it's been left to the discretion of the producers.

  34. Guest says

    It is unconstitutional!!! No one has the right to make medical decisions for you. That is between you and your doctor. Besides if the vaccines works so well and your vaccinated then you should have nothing to fear from people who aren't.

  35. Guest says

    Nancy is bringing her personal politics into this. She has no right!! Besides if the vaccines works so well and your vaccinated then you should have nothing to fear from people who aren't, Now should you!!!

  36. Guest says

    I agree whole heartedly!!! She needs to keep her extremely liberal politics and opinions to herself. Sick of all these liberals like her ruining everything

  37. Guest says

    You should get your facts straight before spouting out misinformation. It only serves to embarrass you, and it perpetuates falsehoods.

  38. Guest says

    Absolutely Wrong to kill off Jax and then ruin the Fabulous relationship between Carly and Joss! I CANNOT say enough how fed up I am with the miserable writers. Pathetic

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