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General Hospital Spoilers: John Loses Leverage On Jason When He Falls In Love With Carly

General Hospital (GH) spoilers note that fans finally learned who Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was protecting against those RICO violations all this time, and it was none other than Carly Spencer (Laura Wright).

Now, he’s forced to be the bait for Pikeman, as John “Jagger” Cates (Adam J. Harrington) hangs this over his head to get him to do his bidding. But, is there a plot twist on the horizon?

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Spencer’s New Love Interest

GH spoilers suggest that while Carly’s single now, this won’t last too long. With Jason’s return, many fans have been wondering if Jarly will ditch the friends’ zone for a romantic relationship.

However, during a recent SOD interview, actress Laura Wright made it clear that with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) still in the Port Charles’ picture, this is highly unlikely.

General Hospital Spoilers: John Loses Leverage On Jason When He Falls In Love With Carly

Still, maybe they are better off as “just besties”, the two truly have one of the most special friendships on daytime drama.

While they are at odds, it does seem like John and Carly could establish something. In fact, the best romances stem from two people who are at odds.

Add John’s disdain for Sonny into the mix, and the challenges Carly and John have up ahead will make for an interesting storyline.

GH Spoilers – John Cates Gets Too Deep

Still, if John and Carly were to dance, this would complicate things for him and his career. Right now, he’s holding those RICO violations over Jason’s head, threatening to send Carly to prison, but if Cates fell in love with Carly, would he lose credibility?

Would he still be able to move forward with charging Ms. Spencer, if he cared for her, himself?

Could Jason possibly turn the tables at this point? Not that Jason would want to risk it, but he’s a prisoner of his own circumstance.

Not only has he missed years with his children, family, and loved ones because of John and the FBI, but due to the dangerous situation Pikeman brings, he’ll need to continue to keep his distance, despite living in the same town.

Will all bets be lost between John and Jason if Cates falls for Carly? Chime in on the discussion below. Catch the popular ABC soap each day to stay on top of the drama and visit this site often for the best General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Jamie says

    Yes, get her away from Jason. I want Jason to bond with his sons and finally choose them over her.

  2. Sandra says

    If Carly, ever left the show I would quit watching.
    I think Jason will tell Carly that he thinks Sonny off the meds. I really thought that John Case and Carly were funny. I would love Nina to be set up and Carly walk in on Nina and Drew and Carly walk in on Ava and Sonnyl lol
    Love Carly
    It would also be funny if Sonny begs Carly back and she turns him down. I would love to see Michael get the same forgiveness from Sonny. I hate when Sonny treats him like sssssss.

    1. Doll says

      Yes yes yes. Did I say yes to that mess

    2. lbc says

      I dislike when Sonny treats all in his corner like sssssss. If the medication situation is causing his current behavior, hope some one solves the case and gets hm back on the correct dosage as he has been acting peculiar for some time. Sonny needs help in many areas of his life but doesn’t even realize it. I guess Jason will have to come riding on his white horse once again to regain Sonny’s trust.

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