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General Hospital Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud Out – Positive COVID-19 Test

general hospital kelly thiebaud covidGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers and comings & goings reveal that Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne) has been forced to take a break from filming. Although she understands the need for isolation when testing positive, she is certain it’s a false positive and explains why. The actress also called out Los Angeles Public Health for not allowing a retest when someone believes they have a false positive.

General Hospital Comings & Goings: Britt Westbourne Actress Tests Positive

GH spoilers reveal that Thiebaud tested positive and due to protocol, was forced to take a break from filming. For 10 days, she has to remain at home and self-isolate. While she completely understands the precautionary measure, Thiebaud believes it is a false positive. She discussed it on Twitter and answered questions from fans.

GH Spoilers: COVID False Positive

She explained that her first test was negative. Then a second test was “positive/abnormal.” She has already gotten her first round of the COVID-19 vaccination and has no symptoms. She also has not traveled or been around anyone who is sick. On Twitter, she replied to a fan asking why she was so certain it was a false positive,

“The first test was negative. The second test was positive/abnormal. I got the first round of vax, haven’t traveled or been around someone sick, no symptoms. The third and fourth test negative.. but due to @lapublichealth rules, I can’t work for 10 days. I’m still pissed about it. Ha”

Calling Out Los Angeles Public Health

General Hospital spoilers reveal that while Thiebaud is trying to keep positive, she is understandably frustrated. She believes that the Los Angeles Public Health board needs to reconsider its rules on how they handle false positives. Apparently, Thiebaud isn’t allowed a retest, which means that many people could be missing work when they actually aren’t infected. For some people, that can mean the difference between having shelter and being homeless.

“Hey @lapublichealth @ericgarcetti y’all might want to revisit how you’re handling false-positive Covid tests! Pretty Fe’d up that if some1 gets a false positive they can’t redo a test and instead have to follow protocols as if they are positive. i .e. Can’t work…”

General Hospital Spoilers: When Will Kelly Thiebaud Return?

Thiebaud’s original Twitter post is dated April 14. She has to quarantine for 10 days, which means she has eight more days to go. Once that time passes, she will likely have to get another test that must come out as negative. Once that happens, she will be allowed to return to the set. We understand how frustrating this must be for Thiebaud and everyone else who gets a false positive. Hopefully, she encounters no more issues with the testing and can get back to work quickly!

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    Love Kelly as Britt. Her character is so real.

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    The. Health. field has to do something about this….neg or abnormal should be dealt with.

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