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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Revenge, Carly Arrested?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) won’t rest until Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) pays for what she did, and now she has a chance for revenge. She spied Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and Carly in a clinch in a hallway at GH, noting how cozy those two looked!

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina Reeves Vented To Ava Jerome

Nina vented to Ava Jerome (Maura West) in a recent episode, as she was getting ready to go to the hospital for Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) memorial. Nina was devastated after finding out she didn’t have the genetic markers to donate bone marrow to her newfound daughter Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). She didn’t think she could survive another daughter dying after she found out Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) was hers only after she died-thanks to Carly!

That was when Nina exploded in rage about Carly to Ava that she wouldn’t rest until that woman paid for what she did. Of course, she was talking about keeping her daughters from her.

General Hospital - Nina Reeves

GH Spoilers – Carly Spencer Never Pays For Her Mistakes

It’s been frustrating to many viewers that Carly never pays for her mistakes, if she even admits they’re mistakes at all-the most recent, Drew forgiving her and taking her back. That was extreme over the top deception she’d used on him, starting with breaking her promise to him to tell him the truth about the DNA match between Nina and Willow.

Drew had caught Carly red-handed stealing a cup Nina had drunk from in Charlie’s Pub, confronting her, then helping her get Willow’s DNA, but not telling him about the match-she lied. Then she sabotaged his search for Willow’s birth parents, paying off Denise Mackenzie (Alice Rietveld) to lie. Drew didn’t automatically forgive her, making her promise she’d never lie to him again, but we all know how that will probably go!

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina Reeves Owns Half Of Metro Court Now

Nina knows that Carly got wiped out buying all that Aurora Media stock only for the merger with ELQ not to go through. Nina may have known some things about the impending planned merger from Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) since they were talking about Charlotte Cassadine (Amelie McLain) during that time. Of course Michael Corinthos, (Chad Duell) is Carly’s son in addition to being Drew’s partner but seeing that clinch could get her to thinking.

Nina knowing about the planned merger wouldn’t get her in trouble because she didn’t buy or sell any stock. But if Carly did, either from Michael or from being romantically involved with Drew, she’s be guilty of insider trading-and nothing would please Nina any more than to turn her in!

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  1. GhFan101 says

    I wish they would just take Nina off the show already. Nina knew Sonny was alive and didnt tell anyone reguardless.. She could have told Phyliss and didnt. Instead she kept Sonny all to himself knowing who he really was and busted Sonny and Carlys marriage, knowing he had a wife and children/grandkids. Nina needs to either leave the show or stop the fighting with Carly. Everyone hates on Carly cause she is loved and pretty much has the good life( has it all) . she didnt fall when nina split her marriage. She blames Carly for Nells death. Carly didnt kill nell. She just didnt tell her Nell was her daughter.. No one really knows if Nell was really Ninas daughter. Willey can be tested to find out but no one in Port Charles is smart enough to realized or know that.

  2. Nanlee says

    No, I don’t like that they would have Nina to do a revenge tactic back at Carly..Stop with having Nina do this ,Nina has been threw enough with what Carly has done to her..Enough already ,Don’t let Nina become like Carly with revenge.Carly doing this all the time is enough, Nina needs to be the better person and continue her focus with Willow and the baby and Whiley so they can grow as a family with goodness and Sonny standing at Nina’s side strong with this..Carly needs to pay for her mistakes without the cost of Nina in it…Have someone else step in and to go after Carly criminal behavior and plots she done..It time for Nina to be happy and shine with her family and bond together,Nina deserves that…

    1. Brenda says

      I totally agree with your comment. Carly has always shown to be the bully and she had to always have her way regardless of if she’s right or wrong bc clary always get those rights ((everyone who loves and adore her gives her that free get out of jail card))..everybody say Nina needs to learn what about Carly she needs to learn too….but as you said please let Nina be the bigger person and try to get to know her daughter and grandchildren if is it’s possible…it’s take time .. Nina leave Carly to someone’s else bc her day should be coming but not by you…who started it? ((Carly))) but ((Nina))you don’t have tokeep it going..

  3. Nanlee says

    Nina needs to bond with her family now.She deserves that..Have some one else go after Carly for her criminal behavior and plots of evil revenge she has committed…

    1. Brenda Byrd says

      I totally agree… Nina be the bigger person..leave Carly to be somebody else’s problem…you stay clear of Carly and bond with your newfound family

    2. Brenda says

      I totally agree… Nina be the bigger person..leave Carly to be somebody else’s problem…you stay clear of Carly and bond with your newfound family

  4. Lee says

    I’ve Always Been Disgusted By
    NINA REEVES, But Now She Is
    Making Me Angry, Who Is NINA
    NINA Should Pay By Loosing Her
    Daughter ( Not Saying WILLOW
    Should Die) But For All NINA’S
    Was CHARLOTTE’S Teacher &
    NINA Went After Her, WILLOW
    Should Have Nothing To Do
    With NINA, & NINA Should Loose
    SONNY Also NINA Should Loose
    Everything & Everyone She Holds
    Dear, NINA Doesn’t Deserve Any
    Thing Good In Her Life, She’s A
    Miserable Character Just Like Her
    Aunt LEISL Use To Be.

  5. Sam says

    Lmao, Carly never pays? The hell? Nina is literally screwing the man she kept from his toddler and the whole town – including Ava, who also had a young daughter grieve, is kissing her ass.

    Curtis, Maxie (who was in danger thanks to Nina letting Peter blackmail her), Britt (before she died),) her aunt, Sasha, Brando (before he died), even Sam and Dante.

    So what nonsense are you guys going on about?

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