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General Hospital Spoilers: Roadblocks Lie Ahead When Alexis Is Reinstated To The Bar

General Hospital Spoilers: Roadblocks Lie Ahead When Alexis Is Reinstated To The Bar, Absent Any Warm WelcomeGeneral Hospital spoilers claim Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is soon to be in for the ride of her life and she aims to reclaim her career as an attorney at law.

With her hearing hanging in the balance in the weeks ahead, Alexis is hoping Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) can prepare for this challenge with enough evidence to have Alexis reinstated to the bar.

Rumor has it this will turn out as a major win for both of them. But what lies ahead may not be quite as simple as either of them envisioned. Diane wants a law partner, and Alexis may not be as ready to move back into the courtroom as she previously thought.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Green Light

Word on the street is that Diane will make this case look like a slam dunk. Alexis never appealed her case because she felt obliged to accept the punishment because she was guilty. She did lie.

She did try to cover for Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan). But with new information on deck — like Neil’s resentful and bitter brother’s connections to the verdict — Diane will mop the floor with her opponents.

There’s just one problem: Alexis’ mood to celebrate will be surprisingly short-lived.

GH Spoilers Leak the Pressure is On

Alexis has always thrived in just a bit of chaos. But she does better in more controlled chaos than the kind where she creates drama just to sabotage herself. This time around, leaving The Invader for a job back in the courtroom is something she’s been utterly salivating over.

So why might it all seem like too much when she actually gets what she wishes for? Will the thrill of the battle against her fellow attorneys be too much to bear when she realizes what they really think of her now?

General Hospital Spoilers — A Sour Note

Alexis and Diane have been best friends for a few years now. They truly just get each other, despite Diane being far more stable and carrying a more esteemed reputation with her colleagues.

Surely, if other attorneys in town no longer take Alexis seriously, Diane must know about it. But she’s not going to relay others’ remarks to her gal pal, knowing it would only hurt her.

That being said, keeping her in the dark about her colleagues’ perception of her and not giving her a heads up of what she’s walking back into won’t be looked upon with praise.

Will Alexis be able to hack earning her stripes with her fellow lawyers? If not, will that be what drives her off course, despite her success in getting back to work as an attorney? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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