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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Diverts Attention To Franco In Desperate Move

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Diverts Attention To Franco In Desperate MoveGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) will attempt to divert suspicion away from himself as a person of interest in the serial killings to Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)! Exactly how he expects to do this successfully is a mystery in itself, considering all the evidence from the previous murders has already been bagged and tagged by the Port Charles Police, and all the crime scenes have been swept and cleaned!

Could Ryan have considered this possibility way before he unsuccessfully attempted to kill Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan)? Could this be the reason why Franco’s patient file was missing from Kevin’s office? Taking Franco’s file and putting false confessions in it and violating doctor-patient confidentiality rules by handing it over to the police would be a desperate move indeed, especially this long after the murders!

Ryan apparently doesn’t do what most psychiatrists do in sessions with patients…and that’s record them! He wouldn’t be able to fake recordings with Franco’s voice on them, although there is a possibility the dates on notes recorded could be changed, if he put it on a computer.

But he’d have to be Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to do it; it involves going into the operating system of the computer and finding the file in question and changing the date or other text on the file by using the hex code of the file! Even this is a method that may not work on newer computers, and a special program may be needed to do it.

Ryan could also disguise his voice and make a call to the police with a tip, from a “burner phone” that could not be traced. Most police departments have tip lines, where people can call in tips and sometimes be rewarded monetarily if the tip leads to a conviction. But even that would be risky for Ryan unless he never divulges who he is to be able to get the monetary reward, …but then money is something he doesn’t need, at least not from that kind of source!

Another thing he could do is plant his driver’s license collection, at least from the current murders and Lulu’s attempted murder, in Franco’s studio in GH where he does his art therapy; and combine that with an anonymous call claiming to have seen him close to the crime scenes. But the police may not buy even that plan, since Franco may have alibis!

Stay tuned to GH and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently to see how Ryan tries to frame Franco, and if he is at all successful!

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