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General Hospital Spoilers & Speculation: Ava Is Esme’s Birth Mother

General Hospital: Esme PrinceGeneral Hospital spoilers suggest that Ryan Chamberlain’s (Jon Lindstrom) possible suggestion that Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) is Esme Prince’s mother is false. Esme’s crazy can be explained by her true parentage. Is Ava Jerome (Maura West) Esme’s birth mother?

General Hospital Spoilers – Franco Baldwin Believe Ava Jerome Had His Child

General Hospital’s Franco Baldwin (ex-Roger Howarth) believed for years that he and Ava had a child. Franco believed that Kiki Jerome (ex Hayley Erin) was that child. However, it was later revealed that Kiki was the daughter of Silas Clay (ex-Michael Easton). Could Ava have another daughter, that she gave away, that was Franco’s biological child? Could Esme be a product of Ava and Franco’s affair? After all, Ava didn’t want Franco to have any contact with his child, but who could blame her, the man was a serial killer. Ava would have certainly been afraid to let Franco around a child back then, even if she didn’t know about his crimes. Did Ava give Esme away to protect her?

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava Jerome And Esme Prince Certainly Clash

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava cannot stand Esme and the feeling is mutual. Typically, when soaps have these contentious relationships, the characters are related. Esme could very easily be Ava’s child without Ava’s knowledge. After all, how would Ava know who adopted her? If Ava wanted her to truly be safe, she would have kept no records of her birth or her adoptive parents. Could this be why Esme helped to stalk Ava, perhaps she knows the truth. Could Esme have come to town to get revenge on the woman who gave her away?

GH Spoilers – Could Ryan Chamberlain Know The Truth?

General Hospital’s Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) isn’t likely to have a child of his own, the man was locked up for 25 years. However, Ryan has connections and could have convinced Esme that he was her father knowing that he wasn’t. Esme may or may not know who her birth mother is. Apparently, from what letters we have heard from the nanny, Esme came to the U.S. to find her birth father. Ryan is a very sneaky man and could have easily faked documents to show him as her father. In truth, Esme may believe that Ryan is her father, but he could have simply done some research and found her.

Is Ryan torturing Ava’s daughter much as he did her? Will Esme ever learn the truth about her parentage? Is there any way of redeeming Esme after all the time she has spent with Ryan? Tell us your opinions below.

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  1. Guest says

    Carly let’s make it interesting but something has to move this soap is getting stagnant !!!

  2. Guest says

    Omg did every woman in that town give away babies? This is getting so ridiculous! Can’t they find a new story line.

  3. Guest says

    i think that the dna on willow is the wrong and Esme is really ninas kid that would make a lot of people happy don`t like either of them . and really how does it always work out that this kind of thing has the kids of these people always end up in the same place every time? why can`t willow and michael just have their baby and be happy with out all the drama nobody can be happy really what are the chances of 2 kids getting separated at birth ending up in the same town with the woman that had them and having the same man and his children? I know its fiction but this over the top i just wish that willow wasn`t ninas daughter even Sasha makes more sense

  4. Guest says


  5. Guest says

    It is Nina. Stop with this they just alike.

    1. Sylvia Foster says

      ESme is devious like Ava though!

  6. Nanlee says

    Esme is evil like Ryan..No redemption.

    1. Leslie Higgins says

      sonny is also evil…he killed aj

  7. Ginger Hill says

    I was hoping Felicia is the mother….this would give the actress a strong storyline….why are they not giving kristina wagner this storyline instead of the character ava?

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