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General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton To Return As Jason Morgan To GH?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers continue to keep fans wondering about the answer to a key question. And that concerns whether fan fave Steve Burton will return to GH to portray Jason Morgan. But as 2022 draws to a close, Burton’s followers can’t seem to find an answer.

Find out everything to know about rumors linked to the return of Jason on General Hospital. And discover what Burton’s social media reveals. Plus: Get the latest on how vaccine mandates impact Steve! 

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Steve Burton Return As Jason Morgan?

Because of his dedication to updating fans, Steve Burton has acquired a loyal social media following. For instance, the General Hospital alum often posts on Instagram. But inevitably, at least one fan ignores Burton’s message to plead for his GH comeback! 

Steve Burton

For instance, Steve recently shared an Instagram pic and caption about his upcoming music show. “Check out our Holiday Music Comedy Show RUN! We can’t wait! Detroit, Gran Rapids, Sacramento, Philly, Boston, CT, NJ, NY, Long Island and Albany. Could be our last run…,” hinted Burton. 

However, one fan responded with a question about Steve’s return to General Hospital. And the loyal fan wrote, “Gosh….I really miss you BOTH on GH TOGETHER.” The comment garnered many likes. And several agreed. For instance, one fan wrote, “We need Jason back right?? 🙏🏽😩😉😉.”

GH Spoilers – Three Key Clues To Steve Burton’s Comeback

But three key clues exist to whether Burton will return to General Hospital in the next weeks. And one concerns the lack of GH spoilers mentioning Jason. But the second clue connects to the Disney/ABC’s vaccine mandate. Until recently, Disney/ABC required the vaccine in most states. And that includes California, where General Hospital films. 

However, Deadline just reported that Disney has ended its vaccine mandate for United States productions casts. And that includes series produced by the company. For instance, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and 9-1-1 ended their mandates. But insiders shared that a few series have kept the requirement.

As a result, speculation has soared about Burton returning to General Hospital. However, the third clue about Steve returning concerns his focus. As evidenced by  his social media, Steve has shifted to his fitness work and music. But fans shouldn’t lose hope quite yet.

Because the vaccine mandate’s end just occurred, change may come slowly. And that includes the personal issues around the mandate. For instance, Disney’s adoption of the vaccine mandate last year saw highly publicized cast exits. Those included Emilio Estevez from Disney+’s Mighty Ducks, Rockmond Dunbar from Fox’s 9-1-1, and ABC’s General Hospital cast exits.

However, the final decision on Steve’s return may depend on producers, Burton himself, and the writers. And pressure from the fans could impact the potential for Jason to return as well. So we want to know what you think. Would you like to see Steve Burton return as Jason Morgan to General Hospital? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more General Hospital news!

  1. Celestine says

    Yes bring jason back i miss seeing his face on geral hospital bring him back !!!!!

  2. Vickie Longo says

    Please please bring jason back the vaccine should not be mandated …anyone can get the vaccine and if anyone wo works with jadon is alread vaccinated so i donr see why its a big deal .bring jason back and help carly because we know she going to need him when micheal n willow find out about nina …!! Maybe jason finds morgan n brings him home to carly n sunny that would be a awsome story line ..he found morgan uncle cassidine is the one whos been keeping him come on gh plz!!!!

  3. LBC says

    Another Jason return would be more interesting (depending on writing), than all of the resurrections (dead or alive) of former characters lately. Of course viewers are glad to see old cast members return to canvas, but why bring them back for lame story lines??? Old faces can bring new interest to viewers, but when returned and they do not have a good story line all is lost. Wake up writers!!

  4. Lynn says

    Bring Jason/Steve back and right now! We miss him and want him back!

    1. Loretta Reed says

      You are so right. I’m with you on that

  5. Airbagj says

    Burton lost many at his refusal for vacinne.
    I’m 60 I’ve watched gh since I was 15 and he should be ashamed to do the whole pro choice many died without vacinne and covid is not a choice

  6. Loretta Reed says

    Yes bring Steve Burton back. I miss him terribly. Smarter and tougher. Bring him back

  7. Anne Temple says

    yes yes please bring him back

  8. Anne Temple says

    yes yes please bring him back miss seeing him

  9. Gail Riegel says

    As soon as possible. This sonny business is heating up so it’s perfect timing!!!!

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