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General Hospital Spoilers: There’s A New Maxie In Town!

General Hospital Spoilers: There's A New Maxie In Town!General Hospital spoilers and comings and goings reveal that fans of the ABC soap opera will see a new Maxie Jones on their screens.  

Apparently, fan favorite Kirsten Storms was suffering from a serious case of the flu a few weeks ago, so her substitute Molly Burnett stepped in to film for a few scenes.

The rumor mill was in overdrive last month hinting that Kirsten Storms was stepping away from the soap.  But, it looks like she just took a few days off, and the actress took to social media to shut down the rumors.

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According to General Hospital spoilers, Molly will appear on the daytime drama as Maxie on Friday June 1 and Monday June 4.  Have no fear GH fans, Kirsten Storms only missed a few days of work, and will resume the role of Maxie next week.

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  1. Guest says

    Have not seen it yet

  2. Guest says

    I like her!

  3. Guest says

    She will be fine for a few episodes….but I need MAXIE back! She’s funny to watch and insane…and NO ONE plays her well!

  4. Guest says

    I love her. She was on Days too. Wish she would come back.

  5. Guest says

    A very believable job and very pretty too!

  6. Guest says

    No one plays Maxie like Kristen

  7. Guest says

    YES !

  8. Guest says

    She transitioned into the role flawlessly

  9. Guest says

    Kristen is the best Maxie of all!!!!
    Sorry Molly, but thanks for filling in!!!

  10. Michael James Bradley says

    Does Molly do those goofy facial expressions all the time, or is she doing it trying to be more “Maxie like”?

  11. Guest says

    Absolutely better than orig maxie/ she is sweeter and I liked her very much with the cop.

  12. Guest says

    she is really good. enjoyable funny. Beauty and all around every heart funny . wonderful . dashy per hearted both of them played every well she Every GH aver need’s

  13. Guest says

    Molly Burnett is WAY better than Kirsten Storms. No contest.

  14. Guest says

    need Maxie back.

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