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General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Talks Autism With American Idol Contestant On Podcast

General Hospital star Maurice Benard has become known for his State of Mind podcast. The General Hospital star has interviewed a wide range of celebrities about their views on emotional health. And most recently, Maurice chatted with an American Idol contestant about autism.

Learn what the General Hospital star’s guest shared about autism. And meet the American Idol contestant who bravely revealed his own struggles. Get all the details below.

General Hospital News – Star Maurice Benard Discusses Autism On Podcast

Titled State Of Mind, General Hospital star Maurice Benard’s podcast aims to explore different aspects of mental health. And in his newest YouTube video podcast, the General Hospital star sat down with American Idol contestant Adin Boyer. Adin and Maurice explored how it feels to live with autism, reported Soap Hub.

Maurice Benard

But Boyer and Benard also discussed the first symptoms of autism and what can help. To do so, the American Idol contestant, a high school teacher, tracked his path from getting diagnosed to his career. A singer and songwriter from from Lake Forest, California, Adin revealed that his parents detected signs of autism when he was young.

Autistic symptoms may not become “readily apparent until around 18 months to 2 years,” noted the American Idol contestant. But he credits his parents for knowing “that something was up with me immediately after I was born. They just knew that I wasn’t developing typically. I wasn’t hitting all of the typical milestones,” explained Boyer.

American Idol Contestant – Shares Autism Symptoms With Maurice Benard

Boyer discussed some possible symptoms of autism in his talk with Benard. “For example, I had speech, typical speech development,” noted the American Idol contestant. “But I could not communicate through it.” As a result, he “would just repeat words all of the time.”

And Boyer recalls feeling as if he lived in his “own world, and I had no idea on how to reference other people or how to communicate by any means.” Because of that challenge, “every form of how we effectively communicate today had to be manually taught to me in three years of intensive therapy. I was diagnosed with Autism at age 2.”

However, the American Idol contestant told the General Hospital star that others with the same diagnosis may experience a different journey. For instance, Boyer noted that “many people, who are on the spectrum or maybe diagnosed later, know how to reference people. They were born with the capability to watch other people and learn from the other people how to communicate. I had none of that.” 

American Idol Contestant – Feels Gratitude For Friends

But Boyer credits therapy for turning his life around. And those sessions “taught me how to reference other people and how to communicate effectively,” he shared. But he also put a positive light on the topic. And though the American Idol contestant experienced “social struggles my whole life, I am very lucky to be in a position to have a few friends.”

As he looks at his life, Boyer believes he has become “one of the luckiest people in the world. And I am surrounded by incredible people. I have the arts to thank for that,” he added. 

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