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General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Webber Unleashes His Anger

General Hospital: Cameron Webber (William Lipton)General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Cameron Webber (William Lipton) will visit Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in Pentonville Prison and he’ll unleash his anger on him in a future episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Cameron Webber’s Mother Was Partially Responsible For His Anger

General Hospital viewers will recall that it was Cameron’s own mother, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) who was partially responsible for his anger, having accused Jason of killing Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

Franco had asked Jason to kill him on General Hospital if his returning brain tumor caused him to go dark again, but Jason had actually never told him yes or no. But Elizabeth knew of the deal, so in her shock and grief when she reached his art studio and saw Jason kneeling over Franco checking his pulse. Jason was the one who called 911, going outside the art studio to do so.

The news of Franco’s death hit Cameron so hard that he went to the morgue to look at his body, after hallucinating – or possibly having a ghostly visit from not only Franco, but his birth father Zander Smith (Chad Brannon)! The two had never met each other in real life!

According to General Hospital spoilers and recaps, Cameron has not been dealing well with his grief, and even when his mother started to have her doubts and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) became convinced that it wasn’t Jason who killed Franco, but Peter August (Wes Ramsey) he tried to convince Cameron of Jason’s innocence. That didn’t go over very well either, and Cameron’s anger has caused problems with his two younger brothers and his friends, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla), Joss in particular!

General Hospital Spoilers – Stone Cold Remains Calm, Lets Cameron Webber Vent

When Cameron reaches the visitation room where visitors talk to inmates on telephones divided by a reinforced window, Jason can already see how angry and hurt Cameron is. Jason’s son with Elizabeth, Jake Webber (Hudson West) has been to visit him with his mother and he already knows that Cameron is having problems and is angry at him. Cameron gets on the phone and lets it fly as Jason patiently lets him vent and get his anger out. Once Cameron has calmed down, making such a scene that it draws the attention of the guards momentarily, Jason tells him he understands. Jason doesn’t even try to defend himself to any great extent, but focuses on talking about grief and losing someone you love. Jason may be famous, or infamous for lack of expression, but he has regained a lot of emotional capacity since his traumatic brain injury so many years ago.

Longtime General Hospital viewers will recall how angry Jason was after suffering a traumatic brain injury that changed him greatly after trying to stop his alcoholic brother, AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) from driving drunk and jumped in the car with him. They hit a tree on the Quartermaine mansion grounds, with AJ being fine and Jason being thrown from the car and hitting his head on a rock!

After recovering somewhat he had such a hatred for the Quartermaines he changed his name to Morgan – his grandmother Lila Quartermaine’s (Anna Lee) maiden name and became Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) enforcer. But as he has grown older and his brain has healed more, he has regretted cutting off his father and after losing a sister, both his brothers, and his boss presumably to death he understands grief and anger. His calm demeanor and proof he understands and cares about Cameron’s anger and grief seems to make an impact on Cameron, but time will tell if he stops blaming Jason for his stepfather’s death.

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