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The Young And The Restless (Y&R) News: Donny Boaz Headed To Primetime

The Young And The Restless: Donny Boaz“The Young and the Restless”  news reveals Y&R cast member Donny Boaz teased on social media about his recurring role on the CW’s “All American.”

The actor said in a post: “It’s a Beautiful Sun Shiny Day in California. Happy to say I booked a few episodes on the hit #CW show ‘All American.’”

The Young And The Restless – The Mess COVID-19 Made

Donny Boaz experienced an abrupt exit from “Young and Restless”. On January 31, the actor announced his departure from the show and revealed what he knew that Chance is not being replaced or killed off from the show, rather he is “just not going to be there anymore.”

He was last seen on February 1, appearing in a total of 108 episodes. It was revealed that the show let him go due to financial struggles as a result of suffering from the pandemic.

The character Phillip Robert “Chance” Chancellor IV was originally portrayed by John Driscoll. Donny joined the show as the recast Chance Chancellor in 2019. However, in November 2020, the actor temporarily left the show following his COVID-19 diagnosis. To adhere to health protocols, he took a break. The actor Justin Gaston, the real-life husband of Melissa Ordway (who portrays Abby), temporarily took over the role to continue filming.

Donny’s The Young and the Restless fans have followed Chance’s love story with Abigail Newman and the couple was near to form a family with a new baby when Donny was let go from the show. The decision has outraged his fans to the point of signing a petition, demanding Chance’s return on the soap.

Donny closed his exit post on his social media with “And that’s a wrap. I am now a free agent. Time to get work.”

Y&R Cast Member On CW’s All American

Although his exit from The Young and the Restless’ Genoa City was abrupt, his fans will now see him in California on a sports drama television series that centers on Spencer James (Daniel Ezra). Donny will be starring alongside the actor Taye Diggs in which he mentioned in his latest post, he is “just as handsome in person” who portrays Billy Baker, the coach in the soap.

Donny also mentioned he was working with Dina Meyer and mentioned she was her crush on “Starship Troopers.”

Donny seems to be enjoying himself with his new role as seen in his hashtags: “#allamerican #myallamerican #california #ilovemyjob”

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  1. Jezz says

    I am happy for Donny. I would like to see this actor back as Chance. The way he played Chance seemed to make Abby's character less silly and pathetic. Since he's been gone Abby and the baby story has become rediculous, like she's breeding a pedigree puppy instead of a child. The cast of characters involved deserve better than the baby crew Scooby Doo style story.

  2. Guest says

    Chance, Y&R made a big mistake letting you go. It's their loss and the show is boring,boring,boring without you. I am glad you have a new job, you have thousands of Y&R fans asking for you back but as the old saying goes "if it's for you, it won't go bye you. I don't think Y&R will survive much longer.

  3. Guest says

    Y&R let you go but kept others. Don’t understand? Chance kept Abby grounded. Now she is acting like a wack job. And nobody has ever been pregnant!

  4. Guest says

    Yeah…whenever I see Nina, Tracy, Ashley, Tessa, Mariah, or Abby I'm instantly looking away and scrolling on the phone. Those scenes where Chance texts Abby, or even worse, when he calls and she walks into another room for the conversation are becoming burdensome, this really does insult the audience. We are going to have a Christmas baby, and carrying on this dynamic until December is going to make Y&R look plain silly.

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