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Danica McKellar Defends Her Hallmark Movies

Hallmark Channel Queen Danica McKellar is not backing down and continues to stand by her movies on the network regardless of all the controversy that has been swirling over the past two years.  

Danica McKellar has appeared in over a dozen Hallmark Channel movies and even a few series including Matchmaker Mysteries.  The Hallmark actress first appeared on the network back in 2015.  And over the years has cranked out many hits for them, including Coming Home For Christmas, Crown For Christmas, Christmas She Wrote, Love And Sunshine, Perfect Match, and many more.  

Hallmark Channel News – Danica McKellar Makes Shocking Switch

This year Danica McKellar shocked her fans and Hallmark Channel viewers by announcing that she was leaving the network and heading over to their new competition Great American Family.  The actress reportedly signed a multi-movie contract with the new network and is already busy at work filming for them.  

Danica McKellar

Danica’s new GAC movie, Royal Christmas Ball, is set to debut on the network in 2023 as part of their Christmas series.  According to Deadline, “In Royal Christmas Ball, Chelsea Shaw, a Chicago-based dance instructor whose adoptive parents have long since passed, travels to the small European country of Havenshire over Christmas break in search of her heritage… and maybe even family. Discovering that the only way to get access to information she needs on her quest is via the royal family, she accepts an offer to teach a very reluctant Prince a special Waltz for the traditional Royal Christmas Ball. By the end of this Christmas adventure, Chelsea finds love, answers to her deepest questions, and yes, family.”

Hallmark Channel News – Danica McKellar Stands By Her Hallmark Movies

Despite switching networks, and catching a lot of heat for it, McKellar stands by her decision AND her previous work at Hallmark Channel.  In a recent interview with Insider Magazine, McKellar explained, “I’ve done 16 movies for the Hallmark Channel and I loved my time there. In this network I get a much more hands-on role with executive producing, and it’s really exciting to sign this multi-picture deal with them and be creating movies.”

It sounds like Danica has no issues with Hallmark and her switch to GAC was simply what was best for her at the time.  And, who can be mad at that?  Do you miss Danica on Hallmark Channel?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking Celebrating The Soaps for more Hallmark Channel news and updates.

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