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Young And The Restless Spoilers: Why Won’t Y&R Bring Doug Davidson Back?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers hint that the 50th-anniversary celebration show taking place in March is sure to be epic. A number of familiar faces are set to return; however, one that is not is Genoa City’s current Police Chief and fan favorite, Paul Williams, played by Doug Davidson.

Considering how long Davidson was with the show, and how he wasn’t given a proper send-off, has the daytime drama dropped the ball on a tremendous opportunity with their bi-centennial celebration? Why won’t the soap bring Paul Williams back?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – The Fans Want Him Back, So Why Not Bring Him Back? recently conducted a poll asking fans which cast member they’d most like to see return for the Y&R’s 50th anniversary. Viewers overwhelmingly replied that Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) is the character they wish would come back.

Doug Davidson

Davidson was much loved during his time on the Y&R. His character was truly one of the “good guys”, with the “total package”; handsome, smart, witty, fair, hilarious, and charming. Doug started off on the soap in 1978 and at the time of his departure in early 2019, he was the longest-standing cast member on the show. The fact that the series swept his exit under the rug and didn’t give him a proper send-off is probably one of the reasons for fan outcry about a return. Paul is “somewhere” in GC right now, walking aimlessly around, mentioned at times, but not seen or heard by the audience, which adds to fan frustration. A little closure would be nice. But will it ever happen?

Y&R Spoilers – The Gangs Getting Together, But What About Paul Williams?

Y&R spoilers reveal plenty of character returns for the show’s 50th, including Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), Gina Roma (Patty Weaver), and her brother Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian). With Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell) still in the mix, it looks like the old band is getting together for a reunion, but will it be the same without Paul?

Something could have happened between Doug Davidson and the Y&R, prompting this almost “stubborn” behavior from the show to not only refuse the legendary Williams character a proper exit, but also a fun, heartwarming, and nostalgic return to the daytime drama for a milestone episode. Maybe someday fans will learn the truth; maybe they won’t; however, GC and the bicentennial event won’t be the same without Paul Williams.

Would you like to see Paul Williams and Doug Davidson return? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to tune into your favorite CBS soap opera daily to see how the town’s bicentennial event will unfold. Plus, check this site regularly for all the latest Y&R spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Dg says

    I know this totally ticks me off. Is there something we are missing why Y&R won’t bring him back on the show he was one of my favs?

  2. Sue Shirey says

    Yes please bring Paul back !!!!!!!!!!

  3. LaVerne Charity says

    Please bring Paul Williams back. He’s one of the originals and needs to be back on the show. Bring him back please, love Paul on the show.

  4. Kev Cart says

    It is a VIRTUAL AND LITERAL slap in the face to veteran actor DOUG DAVIDSON & his iconic character PAUL WILLIAMS, not to have an invitation extended to him after all of the blood, sweat & tears DD has put into his on-screen alter-ego of ‘PAUL’…It is heartless and utterly disrespectful to EXCLUDE a legacy character from all 50th Anniversary festivities, regardless of the REASON!…But everyone should be put on notice; that even all the PTB at Y&R have to reap what they sow…And THAT’S a BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE!…Keep your head up, DD we your fans adore you & won’t give up fighting for your return in the future, to the Y&R canvas!!…

  5. Sjara says

    Chances are pretty good the actor wanted more money and made other demands that the show feels the need to prove that the Y & R is just fine without him.

  6. Sally Smythe says

    Clearly there is bad blood between Doug and the show. Doug has spoken in interviews of his disappointment that his character was only given small walk-ons and didn’t have a major storyline for a long time given how long he was on the show. Contract negotiations were underway and maybe he demanded just a little too much? Clearly both sides are angry. Very disappointing, however, that he wasn’t part of the 50th celebrations. He was always overshadowed by Eric and Melody, yet he was on the show before either of them! That would likely be very annoying to an actor…

  7. Linda says

    I have watched the young and the restless, since I was in elementary school. And I am in my 60s now. Paul Williams has always been a staple on the show. I don’t know why he left, as I don’t believe the truth has ever been told ; but shame on the young and the restless for not bringing him back for the 50th anniversary show. I believe he is the longest running actor on that show? And to leave him out was terrible. Shame on them

  8. Susan Ifland says


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