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Good Witch Season 7, Episode 5 Spoilers: Finding Joy’s Past, Martha Tails Rosebush Killer

Good Witch Good Witch season 7, episode 5 spoilers confirm the title of the upcoming installment is “The Kite.” The synopsis has been released by Crown Media, which teases what fans can expect when the next episode of the Hallmark Channel TV show airs. Plus, there is some information on Joy Harper’s (Katherine Barrell) missing past and a road trip for the Merriwick cousins.

Synopsis For ‘The Kite’

Good Witch season 7, episode 5 spoilers reveal that Crown Media has issued a press release on what fans can expect. In the episode, which will air on Sunday, June 13, there will be a road trip. The Merriwick cousins will go searching for the missing pieces of Joy’s past.

“When Joy’s recurring dream progresses, Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and Abigail Pershing (Sarah Power) wonder if there’s a connection to the Merriwick trio and what they need protection from, so the cousins take a trip in search of a missing piece of Joy’s past. When Sam Radford (James Denton), Donovan Davenport (Marc Bendavid), and Adam Hawkins (Scott Cavalheiro) pay a visit to the Leopard Lodge at George O’Hanrahan’s (Peter MacNeill) invitation, they’re in for a surprise. Stephanie Borden (Kylee Evans) agrees to a “casual” date with Sean (Luke Bilyk), her French teacher, and soon discovers the two have different ideas of what that means. Meanwhile, Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) finds herself in the center of her own mystery when a series of unusual events have the Mayor of Middleton losing sleep until she discovers the astonishing truth about who is behind them.”

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers

In the promo clip, which has been posted to YouTube, in which we can see Martha undercover. She’s going all out in her spyware, too. Wearing a scarf over her hair and big, black sunglasses inside the restaurant, she holds up a newspaper to cover her face. Sam asks why Martha is undercover and she responds that it’s all about her prized rose bushes. Then, she yelps really loud when Stephanie walks nearby. She seems to think that Stephanie is toying with her. Sam then says,

“You think Stephanie put out a hit on your rose bushes?”

‘Detective’ Martha Tinsdale

Good Witch season 7, episode 5 spoilers reveal that Martha has a plan. When Stephanie leaves, Martha plans on trailing her and catching her in the act. She plans on putting an end to the shenanigans. Of course, we can only guess how this will play out. It is one of those hilarious moments that make the show so fun to watch! What do you think is going to happen in the episode titled “The Kite?”

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