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Royal Family News: Why Is Kate Middleton Losing A Very Important Title?

Kate Middleton British royal family news shows that there are big status changes on the horizon for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Sussex going forward. After her 2011 marriage to the future king of England, Prince William, she was known as the Duchess of Cambridge. Now comes word that Kate Middleton will no longer be called the Duchess of Cambridge for the most part, as part of a larger agenda as she and William move forward in the royal hierarchy.

Royal Family News – How Does One Refer To Kate Middleton?

It’s been over a decade that the public has known Kate as The Duchess of Cambridge. When that title fades away, she will gain two new ones. Let’s take a look at how these changes could unfold.

William, Duke of Cambridge, is second in line to the throne and there is speculation about what changes

Queen Elizabeth may make in regard to the titles of her son, and William’s dad, Prince Charles.
According to Regent Kent Live, Prince Charles has been preparing for the throne and will lose his Prince of Wales title, following his father Prince Philip’s death.

Charles became Prince of Wales in 1969 during a ceremony at Caernarfon Castle.

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Would Have Been 100 This Month

When Charles takes over the throne from Queen Elizabeth, Prince William will be given the title of Prince of Wales and Kate will go from using the Duchess of Cambridge title to using Princess of Wales.

Princess of Wales was the title held by Prince William’s late mother Diana. It was not given to Charles’ current wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, reportedly out of respect to Diana who endured a public affair between Charles and Camilla during her marriage.

Royal Family News – Royal Titles Are Changing

What happens when Prince Charles eventually gives up the throne, and Prince William becomes King William? At that time Kate is expected to be referred to as Queen Catherine. Kate is a commoner so she is actually a Queen consort.

There will likely be a ceremony when she becomes Queen consort just as there will be one for William when he becomes King.

But, size matters, and in terms of the pecking order, King trumps Queen consort, thus his party will be much, much bigger!

Until then the family seems to be adjusting well to the death of their patriarch Prince Philip. He died in April at the age of 99 and his 100th birthday would have been last Thursday.

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  1. M. Payton says

    Now why would anyone be angry over Catherine gaining a new title, she has worked and been a very loyal member of the royal family since she married William. Is jealousy the issue with Catherine? She did not bad mouth the royal family, nor run to another country and complain how hard her life is did she? Titles are given when HM wants to change them, or as people pass on then titles are handed down through the generations and this family has been around for over a thousand years and still going strong…sad that other can't appreciate what they had and lost.

  2. Guest says

    Kate never loses, she only gains especially with Harry and Meghan making fools of themselves slandering her.

  3. Guest says

    Catherine becomes Queen Consort because she will be married to the King, not because she is a commoner. When Charles ascends she will add to her current titles, Duchess of Cornwall & Duchess of Rothesay etc. when William is granted the title Prince of Wales she will be The Princess of Wales.

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