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Hallmark Channel News: ‘Christmas On My Mind’ Teases Amnesia Leads to Second Chance at True Love

Christmas on My Mind

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiers “Christmas on My Mind” on December 21. What can viewers expect from the holiday movie? In addition to the official trailer, a sneak peek has also been released. Keep reading to get all the details on the upcoming film.

‘Christmas on My Mind’ Movie Details

Part of the “Miracles of Christmas” programming block, the holiday movie centers around Lucy Lovett (Ashley Greene). Once she wakes up after a bump on the head, she experiences some memory issues but has a wedding dress.

So, she runs straight to the man who has her heart and who she believes is her soon-to-be husband, Zach Callahan (Andrew Walker). The only problem is that they are no longer together. He explains to the young woman that they broke up two years before.

It seems that Lucy’s wedding dress is for her marriage to another man, who obviously doesn’t have the key to her heart.

Facing the Past… Literally

“Christmas on My Mind” will have Lucy wondering why she can’t remember the past two years of her life. Her doctor (Jackee Harry) tells the confused patient that she has to figure out the reason she is blocking out that time frame.

This sets Lucy off on a search… dissecting the past, which could change the present and lead to an entirely different future. Perhaps this is her chance to change things so she can live the future that fate intended all along.

Hallmark Channel News: Break-Up Bombshell

The network released both the official trailer and a sneak peek clip of “Christmas on My Mind.” We see the old boyfriend, who is living a pretty great life at the time of Lucy’s accident, actor Andrew Walker teases.

Zach is in a relationship with another woman when Lucy shows up out of the blue. He tells Lucy what she should already know, that they broke up two years prior. She thinks he is joking and reminds him they are getting married that week. Now they are both confused!

This leads to a hospital visit and even though they are no longer together, Zach is there with Lucy and even holds her hand. Then, her current fiance shows up at the hospital and quickly embraces her. But the hug feels foreign and awkward to Lucy. That is when the fiance realizes that she doesn’t remember him.

True Love Gets a Second Chance?

It is teased that in “Christmas on My Mind,” Lucy will try to live the new life that she has created after Zach. However, she struggles to figure out where she is supposed to be. Does she stay in a life she doesn’t remember, or is this a second chance to fix what went wrong with Zach?

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