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Hallmark Channel News: Kat Graham and Kendrick Sampson Talk ‘Fashionably Yours’

Hallmark Channel news reveals that Kat Graham and Kendrick Sampson are starring in a new movie together called “Fashionably Yours.” A first look has been released, along with an on-location behind-the-scenes video clip. The actors, who both worked together previously on The Vampire Diaries talk about reuniting for another project, as well as the romance movie.

About ‘Fashionably Yours’

The new Hallmark movie revolves around a woman named Lauren (Graham). After working at a fashion magazine for three years, she is passed up for a promotion. It’s a huge blow to all the hard work she has done, so she decides to pack up and leave Seattle.

Lauren hires a movie company to help get her out of the Pacific Northwest city. However, the owner of the company, Rob (Sampson) discovers her distaste for Seattle. He makes it his mission to take her on a personal tour of the big city and help her fall in love with it.

However, Seattle might not be the only thing she falls for.

Casting Details

Hallmark Channel news reveals that in addition to The Vampire Diaries alums, “Fashionably Yours” also stars Jordan Claire Robbins, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Camille Kostek, Kayla Heller, and Miranda Edwards. IMBD also lists additional cast members, including Matt Hamilton, Sarah Surh, Samantha Schimmer, Adam Thomas, Gabriel Jacob-Cross, and Jacob Miller.

Hallmark Channel News: First Look Impressions

In a first look clip posted by Entertainment Tonight, Lauren and Rob are chatting and laughing while they finish up dinner on a park bench. She talks about how it’s her first time experiencing it and he comments that he has shown her a lot of “firsts” since becoming her personal tour guide. It seems that her distaste for Seattle is simply because she hasn’t explored everything the city has to offer.

Lauren also mentions that dating hasn’t been her strength. She admits to dating here and there in the past, but not having a whole lot of time for romance. It is clear that Rob is looking at her in a romantic way, though. With her leaving in just five more days, can he convince her to stick around?

The Vampire Diaries Alums Talk Hallmark Movie

Graham said that she worked with Sampson on The Vampire Diaries and was neat to be able to work with the actor again. In fact, when she found out that Sampson was cast in Fashionably Yours, she jumped at the chance to also star in the movie.

As for Graham’s character of Lauren, she is a type-A personality. While spending time with Rob, he not only gives her an appreciation for the city but teaches her how to live in the moment as well.

This will be the first Hallmark movie for them both. For Graham, she never did one before because she didn’t think she was “classic” enough. However, viewers will be in for a real treat when they watch the movie.

“Fashionably Yours” premieres on April 11.

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