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Hallmark Channel To Film Christmas On Cherry Lane Movie Series

Christmas on Cherry Lane on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Catherine Bell, Eva Tavares, Simon Farrell, James Denton Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

The critically acclaimed Hallmark movie, Christmas on Cherry Lane was a popular part of the feel-good network’s holiday movies in 2023.

No doubt, for this reason, Hallmark Channel has just ordered three new Christmas on Cherry Lane films as a Christmas movie franchise. Read on to find out what we know so far and when production will actually begin on this series of movies.

Hallmark to release three more Christmas on Cherry Lane movies

Good Witch fans beg Catherine Bell and James Denton to reboot Good Witch on Hallmark
Photo: Catherine Bell, James Denton Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

According to the Cinemaholic, the feel-good network starts production on the second installment of Christmas on Cherry Lane in late June with the working title Christmas on Cherry Lane #2. The filming will take place in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

Following this, the third movie will start production in July, with the fourth film heading to production in late August. However, the cast and crew for the three new movies have yet to be announced.

About the first movie

Christmas on Cherry Lane on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Erin Cahill, John Brotherton  Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

As a reminder, Christmas on Cherry Lane followed three couples, each facing life transitions on Christmas Eve. One couple is awaiting the birth of their first child while getting used to their new home. However, they are unexpectedly visited by well-meaning family members.

Another couple is an empty-nester and her fiancé, who start a new chapter in their lives together despite heavy resistance from her grown children. Meanwhile, a third couple is happily preparing to expand their family. This leads to a frantic rush to finish a last-minute kitchen remodel.

As the couples navigate their individual journeys, they find themselves being drawn together, eventually uncovering a surprising connection that binds all three.

Plot of the movie series

Christmas on Cherry Lane on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Vincent Rodriguez, Jonathan Bennett, Milana Wan  Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Syd Wong

So far, no details have been released of the plot of Christmas on Cherry Lane #2. However, based on the 2023 movie, we can look forward to heartwarming holiday themes with romantic and family narratives.

Meanwhile, if the movie is a direct sequel to last year’s film, we can likely look forward to seeing more of the lives of the three couples. With the other movies, it is way too soon to guess what their plots will be.

The 2023 Christmas movie starred the following:

Christmas on Cherry Lane on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Eva Tavares Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Catherine Bell as Regina Johnston
James Denton as Nelson King
Jonathan Bennett as Mike Harrelson
John Brotherton as John Hamilton
Erin Cahill as Lizzie Hamilton
Vincent Rodriguez III as Zian Harrelson
Lynda Boyd as Evelyn Sawyer
Fred Henderson as Frank Sawyer

As long as the new movies are not standalone, fans can probably expect most of the cast to reprise their roles in the upcoming franchise.

Readers, are you excited to watch three more Christmas on Cherry Lane movies? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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