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Prince William’s ‘Ugly’ Jealousy Is Coming Out

Prince William’s ‘Ugly’ Jealousy Is Coming OutThis is a side of the future king of England that we certainly haven’t seen before.  There’s a new report that says Prince William’s ‘ugly’ jealousy is coming out. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Apparently, Prince William thinks that King Charles is incompetent as the King of England. While some people think that he is being overly critical, others think that he might be just jealous of his father.

Royal Family News – Prince William’s ‘Ugly’ Jealousy Is Coming Out

One source close to the situation even put it this way, William, or his staff, I should say, will always be quick to play up his efforts.”

 “There is an almost frenzied push for William to be seen as ready for the throne, despite an entire generation coming beforehand.”

“Jealousy isn’t a particularly flattering look on anyone. On the then-future King of England, and in relation to his two children, it was downright ugly.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Prince William?

While Prince William hasn’t said anything about the matter, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t very surprised by the report.

That’s because it’s been reported in the past that Prince William was also terribly jealous of his younger brother, Prince Harry. That might be one of the many reasons why Harry left the UK.

William was so jealous of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle and their popularity that he made life very difficult for them while they were still living in Kensington Palace. And some people think that William might be doing the same to his father, King Charles.

Royal Family News – Prince William Desperate For The Spotlight

Prince William is so desperate for the spotlight that some people think he would be willing to push his own father out of the way.

But knowing King Charles, he’s not going to take his son’s nonsense. He’s got other things to worry about, like running the monarchy and of course, beating his cancer.

As much as Prince William wants to play the popularity game, King Charles refuses. He’s not going to be pushed out or bullied for that matter.

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  1. Maria says

    I truly believe you’re barking up the wrong tree here. I don’t know where you get your sources but I think you’re just trying to stir up crap where it doesn’t have any to stir up. There’s nothing for William to be jealous of Harry or Meghan. He and Catherine will be King and Queen one day. The jealousy is the other way around.

  2. Ananda says

    I’d like to know where this author got her info from. This is all conjecture about what MIGHT be happening. It’s only purpose is to make us angry, to get us riled up. I don’t believe these kind of stories & I don’t believe he’s jealous of his father & his brother. He doesn’t have the luxury of thinking about anything else but Kate & his kids right now.

  3. Dolly says

    I don’t believe a word of this article. William is not jealous of his father and he definitely doesn’t believe he is incompetent. He may have a different idea of how he would handle Harry and Markel but he is not the grandfather. My personal opinion, I would strip them of their titles but that is me.

  4. EILEEN says

    Jealousy is ont thing that you don’t have to worry about as far as William is concerned. He has been given an almost impossible job to do AND HE’S DOING IT WELL! He has taken ALL THE WORK LOAD that has been given to him and accomplished it with grace , in spite of having his wife so I’ll. You want to put the blame where it should rightly sit with THE TWO DISGUSTING PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA ! They should be stripped of ALL THEIR TITLES IMMEDIATLY, NO QUATER GIVEN., IT’S WHAT THEY DESERVE That’s my opinion.

  5. Elsa says

    I don’t understand why you keep blaming
    Harry and Megan when Megan lived in England every job the Queen assigned her
    to do she did the job and she didn’t
    Complain about doing the work so you people
    need to stop criticizing her the Queen question Katherine’s work ethnic not Megan’s
    the only reason Megan left England is because
    the hateful crap she had to deal with the press
    and less face it some Royal family members
    where bias towards her but she was willing
    to stay and put up with that foolishness but
    Harry was getting tired of his family not
    giving him a concrete position in the firm
    because his father and brother treats the
    monarchy like a business so you must
    realize Harry had to make his own way
    financially he could not rely on his father
    that’s why Harry’s great grandmother left
    him more money in her will because William
    will inherit everything so think where does
    that leave Harry and him and Megan doesn’t
    Want to be king or Queen Megan and Harry
    don’t want that headache it’s to much do deal
    with and Harry tried to talk to Charles and
    William before he left England but they got
    mad and didn’t showed up to the meeting
    to discuss the issues they were the ones not
    being adult about the situation so Harry
    wrote that book to get their attention because
    he couldn’t get those two to listen to him
    if they would have that meeting like Harry
    wanted to everything could have gotten
    settled but Charles and William didn’t give
    Harry that courtesy if they would have done
    that that book wouldn’t have been published
    and Megan and Harry wouldn’t have left
    England and that dirtied laundry about
    the Royal family wouldn’t have been aired
    in public Charles and need to take some
    of the blame for what happened but you
    see Charles and William never want to be at
    fault for anything it’s always everybody’s
    else’s fault and you people know the Royal
    family is not perfect and may I remind you
    Megan never said she was prefect either
    that’s other people saying that not her.
    so both sides need to apologize to each
    other both sides are at fault not just Harry
    and Megan.

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