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Hallmark Channel: When Calls The Heart Spoilers Season 7 – Jack Wagner Teases Town Life After Lori Laughlin

Hallmark Channel: When Calls The Heart Spoilers Season 7 - Jack Wagner Teases Town Life After Lori Laughlin‘When Calls the Heart’ [WCTH] season 7 spoilers reveal that romance, laughter, comedy and a bit of danger. Hearties want to know, will it be with or without Abigail Stanton? The Hallmark Channel cut ties with Lori Laughlin amid allegations of her involvement in a college admissions scandal.

Ryan Paevey [ex-Nathan West, GH], the star of the Hallmark Channel’s ‘A Summer Romance,’ recently interviewed ‘WCTH’ star Jack Wagner [Sheriff Billy Avery]. The actor, another ‘General Hospital’ alum, teased fans, letting them know that life will go on in the small pioneer town.

“We have some danger, we have romance, got a lot of laughs. We don’t skip comedy, but I think it’s really about a support system that this town has, back in that day, and people resonate with that,” Wagner dished in the interview for Extra.

Hallmark Channel News – Jack Wagner Is Proud To Be A Part Of When Calls The Heart

‘When Calls the Heart’ is the Hallmark Channels number one drama series and Wagner is proud to be a cast member. “I don’t think anybody could have predicted this little pioneer town to be so loved.”

But what of Abigail? Lori Laughlin was a member of the original cast, making season 7 the first full season without the actress. Hearties are spilt on whether the role should be recast or if Abigail should permanently leave the small, close knit community.

The Hallmark Channel took a brief hiatus, returning on May 5, 2019, in order to remove Abigail and her son Cody Stanton [Carter Ryan Evancic] from the remainder of the sixth season’s episodes. Abigail’s exit was a bit vague, sending her off to care for her ailing mother. This does leave the door open for a recast, or possibly for Lori to return to the series. Hearties anticipate Cody’s return to Hope Valley, but will the young man be alone or with his mother?

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Season 6 Cliffhanger

‘When Calls the Heart’ teasers and speculation are centered around Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton [Erin Krakow] and the romance that may return to her life. The season 6 cliffhanger has fans wondering what is going on with Elizabeth, Nathan and Lucas. As Elizabeth danced with Lucas Bouchard [Chris McNally] her eyes were firmly locked upon Nathan Grant [Kevin McGarry]. Lucas Bouchard [Chris McNally]. Is a love triangle brewing in Hope Valley?

The Hallmark Channel period drama returns in 2020, but no return date has been revealed. Hearties have a lot to look forward in season 7 of ‘When Calls the Heart.’

  1. Guest says

    I am very sad to see Lori not on the show I have followed her career all her life and I wish Hallmark would bring her back I believe everybody deserves a second chance

  2. Guest says

    I liked her character on the show, however in light of the scandal, I think it’s best that she takes care of this situation and then see where this takes her. We all make mistakes. I’m sure if she knew what she knows now, that would not have happened. I like to think so anyway.

  3. Guest says

    If cheat LL returns to the show, I am out! Wouldn’t watch it again!

  4. Guest says

    Everybody makes mistakes. She is facing the rezult of her actions. Love her on the show and think she should be allowed to stay.

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