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Hallmark Countdown To Christmas 2023 Could See Significant Change

Three Wise Men and a Baby on Hallmark
Countdown to Christmas – Photo: Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

A recent interview with a Hallmark executive has revealed that major change is coming to the network’s 2023 Christmas movies.

Back in December 2022, Hallmark Channel reported that the first Countdown to Christmas 2023 movie was being filmed. Even better, a short time later, production was looking for extras to star in the movie titled, A Biltmore Christmas. Meanwhile, the movie stars Bethany Joy Lenz and Kristoffer Polaha and is likely to be a festive experience to watch. However, it seems that change is coming relating to the way Hallmark has been doing things relating to holiday fare.

Countdown to Christmas 2023 and the secret to success

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina
Biltmore Estate to feature in A Biltmore Christmas [Image by Abhay Bharadwaj from Pixabay]

Speaking to Decider recently, Lisa Hamilton Daly, VP of Programming at Hallmark Media opened up about the network’s Countdown to Christmas event. Daly joined Hallmark in the fall of 2021 and was unable to do anything about the popular holiday movies until 2022. For this reason, Decider wanted to know how Hallmark holiday movies differ from the past.

Daly went on to share the secret to the successful Countdown to Christmas 2022, and that is “permission.” She went on to explain her reasoning for trusting other Hallmark people’s wild ideas, saying:

That’s a really talented team and I think they felt like we have a core audience who loves what we do, but you’re eventually just doing a version of the same movie over and over again. You want to break out and do something different once in a while.

However, more than anything, Lisa shared her pride at how everyone “stepped up.” However, she was also surprised at how well romantic comedy did for Hallmark Channel. Fans will remember the great hit, Three Wise Men and a Baby, as well as the movie, Haul Out the Holly. In fact, Daly said her Lacey-Chabert crazy daughter watched them over and over again.

Husbands join their families to watch the comedy

Three Wise Men and a Baby on Hallmark
Three Wise Men and a Baby – Photo: Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell and Santa Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

The normal dynamic with a Hallmark movie is that women and their children tend to mostly watch the films. However, when it came to comedy, husbands were also watching the Hallmark fare. According to Lisa, this brought families together even more than usual.

What change is coming in Countdown to Christmas 2023?

Haul Out The Holly On Hallmark Channel
Haul Out the Holly – Photo: Wes Brown, Lacey Chabert Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Daly went on to reveal the changes they are considering for Countdown to Christmas 2023, including looking at individual evenings to see when movies work best. She told Decider:

This coming Christmas, we’re continuing to refine that mix, and how it even plays out through the three nights of the weekend. We’re thinking about what’s great for Friday nights, what really works for Saturday nights, and what works for Sunday nights, and we’re thinking about how that cadence works because they do feel like different nights: like Friday night’s the traditional comfort watch; Saturday night might be our big tentpole night; and Sunday might be that thing we’re trying that’s a little different.

That’s what we think that the weekends feel like, but we’re still in the very early stages of thinking about how it’s gonna [sic] work out.

Basically, changing the schedule layout will help fans decide their best family viewing night, and when they have time to watch a new movie from the feel-good network.

Talking of new holiday movies, Lisa used Ghosts of Christmas Always as a perfect example. Hallmark’s take on the classic Dickens story became a massive hit for the network. For this reason, Hallmark will definitely try more comedy, along with the comfort fare Hallmark viewers have always enjoyed.

Ghost of Christmas Always on Hallmark Channel
Ghosts of Christmas Always – Kim Matula and Ian Harding Photo: Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Scott Holloway

Readers, what would your best night be for watching Hallmark’s Christmas movies? Do you prefer to wait until the weekend, or could you enjoy a mid-week treat? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

  1. Anne says

    Hallmark is on constantly in my home. I start with Holiday movies in October. They are my cookie baking companion.

  2. Anne says

    Hallmark is on constantly in my home. I start with Holiday movies in October. They are my cookie baking companion. Can’t get enough!

  3. Janice Hill says

    I can watch a hallmark movie any day of the week does not matter if its Christmas, Mystery really ant movie just wish Hallmark channel would come to Canada I love to watch all hallmark movies

    1. Minerva says

      Me and my family love all hallmark movies. Sunday through Saturday.

  4. Kathy Coagie says

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are my best nights for watching Hallmark movies. If they’re on another night, I’ll just record them and watch them later; I never miss a good Hallmark movie!

  5. Laura says

    Weekends for sure.

  6. Connie Jackson says

    I like to watch them all days. Being bedridden, there’s not much I can do. So I look forward to watching them. Thank you

  7. Victoria says

    I like Saturday night movies the best, then Sunday night and Friday. Weekdays are good replay nights, in case you missed something.

  8. Mike Hatfill says

    Not all love during the holidays has to be romantic or new romance. Having more comedy styled movies like Three Men where there is more of a family story would be nice. Maybe some movies about families coming together. I really like The Christmas House movies. I loved the concept be hind We Wish You a Married Christmas. It was a twist to see a couple falling out of love with each other, and then discovering their love again. And please, bring back Alicia Witt!! I have missed her. She is such a wonderful actress.

  9. Linda Sampson says

    I could watch Hallmark Christmas movies any night of the week when the countdown starts.

  10. Cathy says

    I would like to see some of the older movies that were popular during the week. Seeing he same movies over and over makes me turn the channel. It seems the nw movie play on the weekend and then again plays at least 3+ times during the week. With all that said Hallmark stays on night and day when Christmas movies are on. I love my Hallmark!

  11. Teri Burns says

    Love the Christmas movies, but they keep running the same ones over and over. Put on some older ones. Like 20 years or so, and run the new ones on the weekend. Or older ones on weekend daytime.

  12. Sally says

    Add a mid-week treat, please.

  13. Gloria Hyler says

    Do not stop showing them from October to January. Show some of the older ones like Fallen Amgel , Our Fa,ily’s Firt Christmas, Debbie Macomber’s movies, and many other of the old movies. Most of them are so much better than some of the newer ones that were just stupid.

  14. Linda says

    I prefer weekend movies. I don’t have time to watch them during the week.

  15. Robin Wynkoop says

    From the time the holiday movies start until they are over my television is only tuned into Hallmark channels. So my reply would be ANY NIGHT is perfect for me! I know that’s not much help right! Sorry not sorry! I’m a Hallmark addict 24/7 365!

  16. Doris says

    Some of the movies this past season were very good. They broke the mold of the same old plot. I loved Three Wise Men and A Baby. Keep the family viewing coming. That’s what will attract your viewers. Like they said, Hallmark has always been comfort food. I tend to turn off when it goes into the woke stuff.

    1. Sandi Beach says

      I have No Clue what WOKE STUFF is!!!

  17. Evelyn Nyuli says

    All nights

  18. Fred Learn says

    The day of the week in which something airs makes absolutely no difference to me, and I would imagine the same is true for many viewers. Whenever I hear about a film that seems interesting, I just set the DVR to record it, and then watch it whenever I have time (and that is very seldom on the day it airs).

  19. Judie Miller says

    I think a midweek new movie would be great. I watch your program every night and am so tired of all the reruns. Try to run sometime older movies that hasn’t been seen for awhile.

  20. Becky says

    I have to say, I Love all the Hallmark Christmas movies! It doesn’t matter what night they are on, as I record them and watch them when I can.

  21. Hoot says

    I DVR all Hallmark movies, so the night doesn’t matter for me. I do like the new ideas they have, especially adding comedy and family to the mix.

  22. Christine Teetsel says

    Weekends are best for me. During the week it feels like a constant, “Go! Go! Go!” Weekends are a far more relaxed time at night, even if I’m working (from home). It’s when I can sit watch Hallmark Movies & really enjoy them without distraction.

  23. Sarah Cornwell says

    I could watch everyday. Midweek and of course weekends would be great.

  24. Nancy says

    I would prefer Friday night and keep Christmas after Thanksgiving. Halloween is too much! All year is awful

  25. Janet Sears says

    Hallmark movies can be enjoyed every night of the week by me.

  26. Linda Davis says

    It does not matter t me what night. I browse the weekly movies and DVR the ones I want to watch, without commercials that week.

  27. Jamie Sue Sogoian says


  28. Cathy says

    Why not jump into the 21st century and show stories featuring same sex and interracial couples?

    1. Linda says

      Our house will no longer watch Hallmark when they have same sex couples and interracial marriages. I’m sick to death of all they do is drink wine, wine, wine. What happened to hot chocolate and soda pop. I’m tired of the same movies playing three to four times a week. Let’s watch some reruns from 15 to 20 years ago.

      1. Phillip says

        Well, then you are missing out on the beauty and diversity of the world you live in. What an absolutely narrow-minded and bigoted statement. Wow. Just wow.

  29. Patricia Geary says

    My husband and I download the watchlist and watch everyone. Saturday there’s not much we watch on regular tv. So we almost always tune in. Weeknights are used for the ones we didn’t get to on Friday or Sunday that we have recorded!

  30. Tomye says

    It does not matter to me which night or nights is best. I record all the movies and watch them
    at my convenience.

  31. Mary Searcy says

    I would really really love to see Chris McNally in Christmas movie in 2023 love Chris movies and WCTH my favorite series on Hallmark, so please Chris need new movie!

  32. Judy Brower says

    We watch Hallmark movies nightly during the holidays!

  33. Brenda Barozinski says

    I use to watch Hallmark religiously esp. their Christmas movies but after they deserted truly family movies and went woke and started pushing the gay agenda, I discontinued watching channel.

    1. Phillip says

      You are missing out. Queer people — and queer FAMILIES — exist. Do yourself a favor and start living in the real world that exists around you, rather than living a life of hate and bigotry.

  34. Debbie says

    Male & female couples only please.

  35. Kayleen Underwood says

    I enjoy watching Christmas movies anytime of the day or week year round. When you find that specific movie that touches you or you can relate to, you can’t help but watch it over and over again.

  36. kathy adams says

    weekend is consistent

  37. Leigh says

    I love them every night of the holidays,the more the better!

  38. Paula says

    My husband I watch MANY Hallmark movies together throughout the year. We loved Three Wise Men and a Baby plus more! We did not like the “Ghost..” movie, sorry. I turned it off.

  39. Pat Rech says

    Love the break out from the traditional, boys meets girl and they fall in love. Shake it up with a deeper story and of course it all works out in the end.

  40. Paula says

    I would watch Christmas movies all year if I could. Absolutely loved three wisemen and a baby. But i like the older movies better than the last two years. I like all the actors and actresses better in the older ones. My favorite actors Lacy Chabert, Andrew Walker, Taylor Hynes, autumn Reeser, Candace Burr, Michael Rady, Taylor Cole, Paul Greene just to name a few. I don’t care for the new actors. I actually didn’t watch as much Hallmark this past Christmas cause they have all these new actors. Definitely miss the older movies.

  41. Debbie Hall says

    Please continue showing them after Christmas for a longer period of time. Some of us celebrate Christmas a little later and we have break from work and school. This gives us more down time to relax and catch up on any we missed. I love the after Christmas lull and relaxation time when cooking and baking are over and I can sit back and enjoy all the movies some more.

  42. DONNA CHARLES says

    I’ve always enjoyed watching on weekends. However I’m really tired of seeing Christmas movies every Friday night. Enough already!

  43. Beverly says

    Any day 24/7 7 days a week. A diehard fan.

  44. Andrea says

    I LOVE the Christmas comedies!!! They were my favorite!! I like the weekend for new movies…but Hallmark is a staple in my home, so any night is good!

  45. Dawn Adams says

    I love when they start playing 24/7 Christmas movies in October. Gets me in the mood. I hope that doesn’t change in their new line up.

  46. Stephanie says

    I would watch them all year long. They make me happy in a world that’s very depressing!

  47. Jen Reed says

    I hope they continue playing them 24/7 in October. I was bummed to see that they would not be this way with the Christmas in July movies.

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