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Hallmark’s Alison Sweeney Would ‘Love’ To Do Holiday Movie With Wedding Veil Co-Stars

Alison Sweeney, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser
Photo: Alison Sweeney, Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Vassilis Ikoutas

Hallmark stars Alison Sweeney, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser made an incredible team in the first and second The Wedding Veil trilogy. Moreover, they were such a great team that Sweeney would love to do a Hallmark holiday movie with her two friends. Meanwhile, Alison isn’t ruling out more movies in The Wedding Veil franchise itself.

Alison Sweeney and her two Hallmark co-stars

Victor Webster opened up about filming The Wedding Veil Journey on Hallmark.
Photo: Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, Autumn Reeser Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Vassilis Ikoutas

Speaking to Us Weekly about the future of The Wedding Veil movies, Alison Sweeney, 47, said:

I’ve heard so many times that there was a conversation about ‘there is more to come,’ and I would love to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, Sweeney recently starred in the Hallmark Mystery movie, One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery. But now, she isn’t ruling out the possibility that all three stars are aiming for more adventures.

“We certainly as actors pitched Hallmark, like, our ideas for what could go next,” Sweeney explained. “I’m always hopeful that there could be more.”

About The Wedding Veil on Hallmark Channel

The Wedding Veil on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, Autumn Reeser Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Hugh Tull

Back in 2022, Sweeney, Chabert, 41, and Reeser, 43, starred together in three The Wedding Veil romantic comedies, where they were working towards being brides to be. The following year, the three actresses returned for three more related movies, this time revealing the different phases of their relationship.

When Sweeney was asked whether she and her co-stars would reunite for a Hallmark holiday movie, she exclaimed:

Oh, my gosh, how fun would that be? I would love that.

So far, there has been no hint of yet another trio of movies in The Wedding Veil franchise. However, Sweeney has been busy. Over the weekend, she starred in her fourth Hannah Swensen mystery movie, with a new leading man, Victor Webster. She reprised has character as a baker/amateur sleuth, Hannah Swensen.

Meanwhile, the Hallmark star told Us Weekly that she is in the planning stages for her next holiday movie, saying:

The last couple [ones] I did were a little more on the fantastical, magical Christmas thing. My idea for the next one – I definitely want to do a much more comedic Christmas movie.

Sweeney brought up Lacey Chabert’s 2022 Christmas hit, Haul Out the Holly and its sequel in 2023, Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up as examples of what she is looking for. Alison said that those movies were “hilarious and so much fun,” that it made her a little jealous, adding, “I have to make that happen.”

Haul Out The Holly On Hallmark Channel
Photo: Wes Brown, Lacey Chabert Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Moreover, Sweeney is also dabbling with the idea of a “realistic family Christmas movie,” adding: “[I want] something more in line with what families really deal with, a kind of, not dark comedy, but rye, sincere family experience at Christmas.”

Moreover, the Hallmark star teased that she does have some ideas and pitches for Hallmark about making that happen.

Naturally, as soon as there is any news about a new Christmas movie, starring Alison, Lacey and Autumn, we will let readers know.

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