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Katee Sackhoff To Star In Hallmark Channel Movie Christmas Sail

Katee SackhoffBattlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff recently made a major announcement on Twitter. The actress tweeted to say that she is starring and executive producing a Hallmark Christmas movie, written by her fiancé, Robin Gadsbury. This is a totally different role for the popular actress who played Starbuck in the Battlestar Galactica series

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – Katee Sackhoff To Star In Christmas Sail On Hallmark

Katee Sackhoff is renowned for her role as the iconic Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the science fiction series Battlestar Galactica. However, she has also starred in Longmire, 24 and The Mandalorian. On top of this, she stars in the Netflix Original science fiction series Another Life, which has been renewed for a second season, coming on October 14.

Most fans no doubt immediately think of Katee as a science fiction star for her great performances. However, we shouldn’t typecast actors for a particular role and will soon see her in a very different light. A Christmas one!

Sackhoff recently took to Twitter to announce her role in the new Hallmark Channel movie Christmas Sail. In her post, she wrote: “All the cats are out of the bag!! I made and executive produced a @hallmarkchannel Christmas movie that my Fiancé @Robin Gadsby wrote. I can’t wait for you to watch it!” Katee closed her caption, writing, “Merry Christmas indeed…on Halloween no less.”

It turns out Katee has been dating writer Gadsby since 2018. So far, her co-stars are Terry O’Quinn who played John Locke the famed fantasy/sci-fi series Lost and Peter Watts in the series Millennium, along with Patrick Sabongui from The Flash. The movie is directed by Stacey N. Harding.

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – What Is Christmas Sail about?

Few details are currently available for the new Countdown to Christmas movie. However, the Hallmark Channel has released a brief synopsis for the film. It reads, “When Liz goes home to care for her estranged father, she is determined to give her daughter the perfect Christmas and reunite with her best friend.”

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – When Will The Movie Premiere On The Hallmark Channel?

As mentioned by Sackhoff in her tweet, Christmas Sail is set to premiere on the Hallmark Channel on October 31, 2021. As with other movies, Christmas Sail is sure to encore on a variety of other dates.

By the way, Hallmark Channel movies featuring famous science fiction stars could be becoming a trend. We recently reported that Back to the Future stars Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson, who played Doc Brown and Lorraine Baines-McFly respectively, are to star in the new movie Next Stop, Christmas on the Hallmark Channel. Even better, that movie even has a time travel theme.

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