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New Hallmark Movie Christmas At Notting Hill Filming In Ranelagh, Ireland

A new Hallmark Christmas movie is being filmed in Ranelagh, Ireland

It may only be April, but that doesn’t stop Hallmark Channel from filming a new Christmas movie. Cast and crew took over Ranelagh, a residential district in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend, with some locals included as extras. Reportedly, the film is being made by Richard Curtis, and it isn’t sure whether it will form part of the Christmas in July or Countdown to Christmas programming event. Read on to find out what we do know so far including one major cast member.

Hallmark filming Christmas At Notting Hill

Shortly before the film crew moved into Ranelagh over the past weekend, locals in the area received a notice that filming would be ongoing. It turns out The Hill Pub in Ranelagh was the main shooting location. However, those that didn’t know about the shoot were likely very confused over Union Jack flags hanging over their favorite pub. Why? Well, because Ranelagh is in Ireland, not the UK’s Northern Ireland. Also, the look is to replicate the actual Notting Hill in England.

A new Hallmark Christmas movie is being filmed in Ranelagh, Ireland

All the locals know is that Richard Curtis wrote the script for the movie, who was behind Love Actually and Notting Hill. Meanwhile, Sam Boyd is directing the movie for Hallmark. Also, it is known that the movie was being filmed for the Hallmark Channel, so is likely to be a feel-good holiday film.

A new Hallmark Christmas movie is being filmed in Ranelagh, Ireland

However, according to Deadline, Melissa McCarthy will be starring in Christmas At Notting Hill, which is a comedy. As to the plot, the movie is said to be a fairy tale comedy about a workaholic man who enlists the help of a magical genie to help win back his family before Christmas.

Business as usual at The Hill

As noted by the Independent, the town’s Instagram account, @inranelagh, showed major excitement over the filming. However, it also noted that business is as usual at The Hill pub. The account also shared several Instagram Stories showing the Union Jacks and Christmas lights in town.

Naturally, there was a lot of excitement relating to the film shoot, with one local, Mick Dunne, tweeting:

Our neighbourhood pub The Hill in Ranelagh all decked out in British attire today for filming of Christmas in Notting Hill for the US Hallmark Channel.

Meanwhile, a resident, who was out walking his dog at the time, also wrote on Twitter:

One minute I’m out for my evening stroll….and the next I’m asked to star in a movie scene.

Fame at last!

Watch this space for more news about the upcoming Hallmark holiday movie with the working title of Christmas At Notting Hill.

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