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When Calls The Heart: Chris McNally Talks Broken Engagement Storyline

When Calls the Heart star Chris McNally shared his thoughts on the broken engagement storyline in Season 10. Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) and Lucas Bouchard (McNally) didn’t make it down the aisle. This came as a shock to Hearties, who expected a wedding by the end of the season. Keep on reading to learn more about McNally’s thoughts to this surprise twist.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Chris McNally Reacts To WCTH Storyline

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris McNally talked about Lucas’s broken engagement. He admitted that he was disappointed with how the storyline turned out. McNally empathized with the Hearties who were upset.

“It was certainly disappointing…we’ve been thinking, you know, for a while now that these characters are going to go together. So, When a discussion was had it was like ‘Hey, this may not be the case. Things might shift drastically,'” Chris McNally told ET’s Diedre Behar. “I had a moment of ‘What?’ I thought we’d already gone through all of this, which I’m sure is what fan reactions might be.”

When Calls The Heart: Chris McNally Talks Broken Engagement Storyline

The WCTH star shared that “there was one last twist.” He shared he loved being on the show, especially working with the cast and crew. It doesn’t matter whether he ends up as Elizabeth’s love interest. McNally is just “happy” with his role.

Chris McNally admitted that he was shocked that showrunner Lindsay Sturman and her writers undid their relationship. He understands that it comes with the territory of being on a show that has love triangles. McNally is grateful for the opportunity. He already made peace with whatever happens to his character’s storyline.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Details On WCTH Season 11 Premiere

As you can see, this was a surprise, even for Chris McNally. This wasn’t the original plot for Season 10. At the start of the season, it was suggested that there would be a wedding in Hope Valley. The writers decided to shake things up by breaking up the newly engaged couple before the start of the next era.

Hearties can’t wait for the Season 11 premiere of When Calls the Heart. They have one more week to wait as it takes place on Sunday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel.

New episodes will be available to stream for 72 hours later on Peacock. They will also be available on the Hallmark Movies Now App.

What are your thoughts on Chris McNally’s reaction to Lucas’s storyline? Were you on Team Lucas? Do you plan to watch the When Calls the Heart Season 11 premiere? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Leigh says

    Im saddened by the decision to break up Lucas and Elizabeth. It feels extremely disjointed and disconnected from where the show was, and the type of woman Elizabeth had shown herself to be over the last 10 seasons. Her behavior is not that of an early 20th century pioneer school teacher! Frankly, Im so disappointed in the new showrunnner. My husband says “this decision has made it no different than any other program in Hollywood”, he will no longer watch the show. Im very sorry for Lucas, and for Chris. Though, I know hes an actor who will be excited for interesting stories coming up. Im yet to decide if I’ll watch the premiere. I did not watch the season 10 finale….the very first Sunday Ive missed since Season 1 episode 1.

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