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Princess Kate Did Not Want Prince William In Her Video Message

British royal family news reveals that some royal fans were puzzled as to why Princess Kate, was all alone during her videotaped message in which she revealed that she is undergoing chemotherapy.

The groundbreaking announcement was filmed outdoors, with Kate by herself on a wooden bench, daffodils behind her.

The video was made at Windsor Castle and she mentioned her husband Prince William: “Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance” she said.

A source told The Sunday Times that Kate intentionally chose to be alone. Read on to find out why, and more about her speech.

Princess Kate Did Not Want Prince William In Her Video Message

Royal Family News – William Is Supporting Kate In The Background

It was Kate’s idea to make the video and she wrote the speech herself. The source said “This was her as a strong woman sharing an innately strong message to the nation.” “She didn’t need anyone sitting next to her. He has been supporting her and the family in the background.”

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Has Cancer

Kate wanted to “reassure people” and thought that a video of her would be more compelling than merely issuing a statement. “A written statement, she felt, would be too jarring. It was about people seeing her, and her reassuring people that she was positive about it. Knowing it was news that was going to shock people, she wanted to do it as compassionately as possible.”

In doing so Kate practiced one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s mottos “I have to be seen to be believed.” A close friend of William’s told The Sunday Times that “It was her decision, it wasn’t begrudged, and he fully supported it.”

Royal Family News – Kate Is Undergoing Cancer Treatment

A second source told The Telegraph that William was in agreement with Kate’s decision and is “extremely proud of his wife for the courage and strength she has shown not just this week, but since her surgery in January.”

Royal expert Rebecca English wrote in The Daily Mail that at a recent royal engagement William looked like he had “the weight of the world on his shoulders. I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but there was a slight sadness around the eyes, and, noticeably, a loss of weight.”

She commended the future king on how he has managed to handle the fact that Kate and his father King Charles are both fighting cancer.

She noted that it is “remarkable that he has even been able to do half of what he has undertaken publicly in recent months—even carrying out investitures for his cancer-stricken father—given everything that has been going on behind the scenes.”

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