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When Calls The Heart: Erin Krakow Hints At What’s Next With Lucas In Season 9

When Calls The Heart Hearties will recall the final moments of season 8 of When Calls the Heart, where Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) finally ended the love triangle by realizing that Lucas (Chris McNally) is the one for her. Fans of Nathan (Kevin McGarry) were understandably upset. Many believed he was the better choice in Elizabeth’s life. So far, Erin has managed to ignore the controversy, but finally, she wants to reassure fans that Season 9 is definitely worth watching.

Season 9 When Calls The Heart – Of When Calls The Heart

In a recent interview with TVLine, Erin Krakow teased some exciting details about Elizabeth’s budding romance with Lucas. “We’ve seen the fire burn between these two for years, and this season is no exception! Lucas and Elizabeth are finally getting to explore and enjoy their relationship,” she said.

However, as Hearties know, their relationship isn’t just about Elizabeth and Lucas. Another member of Elizabeth’s family is also fond of her handsome suitor. Viewers have seen Lucas interacting with Elizabeth’s son, Little Jack, and according to Erin, the pair will bond more in season 9.

“We’re also getting to see Lucas in a new light – as a father figure to Little Jack, who absolutely adores him,” she added.

Meanwhile, a teaser for season 9 was recently released by Hallmark Channel. In the clip, we see Lucas visiting Elizabeth’s house to drop off a toy sailboat for Little Jack. This is nothing spectacular in itself, but it is particularly heartwarming, as he picked out the toy with Jack’s late father in mind. Catch the moving moment in the teaser video included here:

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Team Lucas vs Team Nathan

While cute moments between Lucas and Little Jack are lovely, they might not be enough to win over diehard Nathan fans. However, it will surely soften the blow. Meanwhile, Krakow urges her fans to stop thinking about the love triangle and concentrate more on Elizabeth’s much-deserved happiness.

“Remember just how challenging her journey has been, how emotional it was for her to lose Jack. Try to reframe your support of one gentleman caller over the other into support for Elizabeth and her journey to find love again,” Erin told Good Housekeeping.

Erin reminded that this isn’t a situation where only one guy gets the girl and the other one leaves town. It seems Nathan isn’t going anywhere, so whatever happens, Team Nathan will be able to watch their favorite star.

When Calls the Heart season 9 premieres with the episode titled In Like a Lion. In this episode, change is in the air for Hope Valley with the foundry that’s to be built and the upcoming mayoral election. Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrives home from a trip to Hamilton and a potential investor arrives in town to discuss the oil business with Lucas.

Catch the When Calls the Heart season 9 premiere on Sunday, March 6, at 8 pm ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

Readers, are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

  1. Guest says

    I am on Team Lucas for Elizabeth. If Hallmark changes this, I will stop watching it. There are other single women in town for Nathan, such as the lady who started the barbershop. Also, I hope Bill gets together with the red haired lady that likes him so much. And I also would like to see the doctor come back to town, if for nothing else than to do a successful surgery on that little blind girl's eyes (Leacock).

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