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When Calls The Heart Season 11: ‘Anything For Love’ Preview Reveals Fan Favorite Returns!

When Calls The Heart Season 11: ‘Anything For Love’ Preview Reveals Fan Favorite Returns!Calling all Hearties! With only one more episode of When Calls The Heart (WCTH) left for Season 11, fans should expect some surprises. The season finale is titled, “Anything For Love”, and now Hallmark has released a preview video for it, which reveals a wedding, and a character return!

When Calls The Heart Season 11 Spoilers – Episode 12: What Should Fans Expect?

According to spoilers, WCTH, Season 11, Episode 12 notes a wedding will bring surprises and heightened emotions.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) and Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) share secrets, while Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) and Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) pitch an idea for Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) with the future of Hope Valley in mind.

In addition to spoilers, there’s the preview video for WCTH’s Season 11 finale. It begins with Nathan coming to see Elizabeth, and greeting her with, “Hello Beautiful”; however, when Elizabeth swings open the door, she reveals that Rosemary is in the room, and he pipes up real quick!

As the scenes shift, it is revealed that that Fiona Miller (Kayla Wallace) has returned for the wedding as a “surprise”, and she tells Mei Sou (Amanda Wong), as they embrace, “You didn’t think I’d miss your wedding, did you?”

There’s some pre-wedding fun happening, as scenes shift, and a conversation where Mike Hickman (Ben Rosenbaum) tells Lee that he supposes he should be nervous, but he’s just so happy!

As scenes shift once more, fans get a quick glimpse of Mei’s dress (from behind), and then a shot of Mike and Mei holding hands at the church. The video preview ends with Elizabeth telling Nathan, “Mei and Mike found their soulmates.” Nathan replies, “Are you asking me if I believe in fate?”

“WCTH” Spoilers –  Season 11, Episode 12: What Happened To Fiona Miller?

Fiona Miller left Hope Valley at the beginning of Season 11 to help her sister with the Suffragette Movement. Actress Kayla Wallace began filming a new Taylor Sheridan show called, Landman, and due to the overlap in the projects, the actress exited the show; however, it looks like she’s returning for the season finale!

Hearties! Are you excited about Season 11’s finale? Comment down below and tune into the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, June 23 (ET) at 9 p.m. to catch, “Anything For Love”. Visit CTS often for the best television news, spoilers, and updates.

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