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When Calls The Heart Season 9 Spoilers: EP Admits Elizabeth And Lucas Is ‘Harder Path’

When Calls The Heart When Calls the Heart season 9 spoilers reveal it’s a bit too early to predict what is going to happen. However, many Hearties are still talking about Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) choosing Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally). During an interview, executive producer Brian Bird admits that choosing Lucas is the “harder path.” However, he explains why it’s the best one.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 – Fans Divided Over Love Triangle Ending

WCTH season 9 spoilers reveal that after what seemed like forever, Elizabeth finally made her choice. Even though fans were hoping to find out Elizabeth’s choice in the love triangle quickly, she actually took her time. Plus, she kept going back and forth throughout season 8. It wasn’t until the season finale that she finally chose Lucas. However, it came as a bit of a surprise since it really looked like she was going to pick Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) toward the end.

Some fans are happy with Elizabeth choosing Lucas. However, some were downright outraged about the decision.

When Calls The Heart  Season 9 Spoilers – The ‘Harder Path’

Speaking to Charisma News, Bird said that Elizabeth choosing Lucas was definitely the “harder path.” Instead of leaving another mountie love story for Elizabeth, the writers decided to tackle something new.

“I really feel a big responsibility to give the Hearties Hope Valley for as many seasons as possible, and we believe that decision is going to make that a possibility. So we took the harder path; there’s no doubt about that.”

WCTH  Season 9 Spoilers – Why Brian Bird Doesn’t Regret Decision

When Calls the Heart season 9 spoilers reveal that even though it’s the more difficult path, it’s not just about getting more seasons. He really believes that Lucas and Elizabeth’s journey will give the show “new life” and keep the storytelling “fresh.” Having her paired with another mountie might inadvertently cause some recycled storylines. That is something that all scriptwriters and show bosses want to avoid.

“… because we have not gone down that road before. We feel this will breathe some new life into the show, keep us telling fresh and robust and vibrant stories…”

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Spoilers

While we don’t know exactly what to expect in season 9, Krakow previously said that she would love to see a real romantic and slow courtship. Plus, Jack Thornton, Jr. aka “Little Jack” (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor) couldn’t be the main focus in season 8. This was due to the rules stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Elizabeth isn’t just bringing Lucas into her own life, but that of her young son’s as well. So, how Lucas and Little Jack interact will be very important.

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  1. sapphire playz says

    I love the fact that she chose Lucas and I am very interested to see how this plays out.

  2. Guest says

    I still very disappointed, even though I loved WCTH I will not be watching it anymore.

  3. Guest says

    I will never watch again

  4. Guest says

    I also love the fact that Elizabeth chose Lucas. They have so much in common, literature, writing and basic upper class culture. He's romantic and spontaneous…
    just what Elizabeth needs. Nathan acts like a dud…completely inept when it comes to romance.

  5. sapphire playz says

    I totally agree!

  6. sapphire playz says

    I wish there wasn't such a big gap in time between seasons and I will anxiously be awaiting new episodes!

  7. Guest says

    Don't let the remote hit you in the rear-end as you turn it off.

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