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When Calls The Heart Recap 05/02/21: Season 8 Episode 11 “Changing Times”

When Calls The Heart Recap 05/02/21: Season 8 Episode 11 "Changing Times"Tonight on the Hallmark Chanel When Calls The Heart airs with an all-new Sunday, May 2, 2021, season 8 episode 11 and we have your When Calls The Heart recap below. On tonight’s  WCTH season 8 episode 11 called, “Changing Times” as per the Hallmark Channel synopsis,

“Landis, the school inspector, arrives in town causing trouble for Elizabeth. Rosemary finds her calling. A search is called when one of Hope Valley’s residents is lost. Carson and Faith’s relationship is put to the test.”

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The episode begins with Nathan giving Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers, it’s the bridal bouquet. She asks him to stay for a bit, she got the kettle on. He mentions that he can’t find his gloves, she offers him a spare pair and he says no that’s ok. He tells her she left the wedding early and Florence, on her way out of town, asked him to give her the bouquet. She asks if Florence is due home today, he says yes, he forgot to give her the bouquet. He says he guesses that Florence thought she was the next one to be married. Nathan thanks her for warming him up, she thanks him for the flowers – he leaves.

Carson bumps into Henry who says there is one rumour that he is staying and another that he is leaving. Cason asks Henry if he ever had something tug at him so hard that he knew it was only a matter time before he gave in. Henry says yes. Carson then says all he ever wanted was to be a surgeon, and he can’t do that here, the offer he got from Baltimore was just too good to turn down. Henry realizes that he is leaving then. Carson doesn’t want to settle, and that is what he would be doing it if he did. The only thing left for Carson is to ask her to marry him, and have her come along with him. Henry wishes him good luck.

Faith and Fiona sit down for a chat, Fiona tells her weddings can be an aphrodisiac, it happened to her once, she was engaged. They met at a wedding of a mutual friend, but people change, he is the reason she went home. He was asking her family about her, so she wanted to see if there was something there, but she ended up ending things for good. She now feels like she can breathe again and she is opened to finding love. Meanwhile, Clara tells Florence that if she wants to talk, she is there for her.

Elizabeth is working, Lucas drops by on a whim and asks her to lunch, she says she can’t. She tells him that the reason she left the wedding early is so that she could tell Nathan that she doesn’t blame him for Jack’s death. She asks her why she didn’t say goodbye, she says she doesn’t know. Minnie comes in the doorway and tells her the school inspector is there. Elizabeth says he has no authority there so she has nothing to worry about. Minnie thanks her.

Elizabeth and Jack are now in the school room and his dog, Rip, keeps barking every time they try to kiss, Jack says he is jealous. Elizabeth offers to take the dog for a few days, so they can get better acquainted. Jack says he can be a tough customer, but he gives in.

The inspector is with Elizabeth, he asks her why she regards him as so unwelcome. She says she doesn’t, she is just protective of her school and her students. He gives her the county’s board of education report, and tells her he is staying in town overnight if she has any questions.

Lee is back at his office, Rosemary is there and she rearranged things. She says she is going go find out what is with all these business and real estate transactions, no one seems to know whats what and it’s the darnest thing.

Carson is with Faith for lunch, he is about to propose. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes to see Bill, she says she glanced at the file, he says he will look at it for her.

Elizabeth sees Nathan he tells her that it means a lot to him that she doesn’t blame him for Jack’s death. She tells him that she hopes they can put it behind them, he says he founds his gloves.

Rosemary got herself into a bit of trouble when a gun goes off and she falls off her horse. The Pinkerton’s are there, they tell her no harm intended, but it is private party.

Fiona tells Nathan that the man Jesse tried chasing down, the one that ran off with his and Clara’s money, he is back. He is at the saloon. Nathan goes to the saloon and pulls Wyman Waldon out of a meeting that he was holding with the town at the Queen of Hearts. Meanwhile, Carson lost Faith’s ring, he thinks it fell in the chocolate pudding in the kitchen.

Nathan has to step out, he puts Wyman behind bars until he gets back.

Rosemary is in the infirmary because she fell off the horse. She tells Lee that she is ok. Nathan asks her where it happened, she says at the Canfield property and there are three Pinkertons there.

Henry stops by to get his mail, Fiona stops in there too to make a call. Henry gets a letter from his son, Christopher, and at the end of it, it says I love you.

Bill looked at the file, he tells Elizabeth that the county could shut her down. But she has a more serious problem, in the document it says that she has to be credentialed to teach the blind, and she is not. If she starts the school year with Angela Canfield in the class, they can shut her down. Bill says he can’t stand these county people and if she wants to fight this, he will be there every step of the way.

Nathan stops by to see the Pinkertons, this is private property and they have been hired to protect it, but they won’t say by who.

Elizabeth stops by to see the inspector, Mr. Landis, she tells him that his proposal, if someday the school comes under the county’s jurisdiction, she thinks they should work together. He tells her that he was a teacher once and he wants to see children get the best education as possible. She says she will be credentialed to teach Angela as soon as the course is offered in her area. He says they can talk more about it tomorrow.

Rosemary tells Lee that her back is hurting a bit. He tells her that he is giving her his desk, she says she wants to start a newspaper. He thinks it is smart, she is intuitive and a nosey. Clara is worried that she doesn’t know where Jessie is, she stops in to see Nathan and Wyman is there, Clara tells him that he stole their money.

Carson has not found the ring yet, and he thinks it is a sign, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Elizabeth sees Joseph, he tells her about Rosemary’s fall. Elizabeth then goes to see Rosemary to check in on her. Wyman has decided to refund the money to Clara and Jesse, Nathan releases him but is annoyed, and tells him to get out.

Outside, Bill sees Wyman speaking to the Pinkertons.

Mr. Landis is talking a brisk walk when he bumps into Elizabeth, he says a single student can hold back a while class. Elizabeth begs him to allow her to attend the school. He asks her if he says no, will she do it anyway, she says yes, she cannot lie. Therefore, he says give what she just said, he is going to stay and see her shut down.

Lee tells Clara they found his car, but not Jesse yet. He tells her that Jesse knows that mountain like the back of his hand, he is going to be fine.

Lucas drops by to see Elizabeth, he says he appreciates that she said she spoke to Nathan, he witnessed it. He believes that she and Nathan still – love is not just an emotion, it is an act. He wants her to find her true love, and in order to do that, he needs to set her free. Lucas leaves.


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