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Melania Trump Allegedly Has Change Of Heart About Her Husband’s White House Pursuits

“Where’s Melania” became a consistent question from the press for some months now; however, it looks like she’s allegedly had a change of heart where Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is concerned.

It seems that she’s now “all in” when it comes to his bid to once again become the next U.S. President, and according to one source, everyone will see her on the campaign trail a lot more.

A “Much Different” Melania Trump

Republican Party insiders revealed to Page Six that since the recent Florida fundraiser, a very different Melania Trump has arrived on the scene.

Melania Trump Allegedly Has Change Of Heart About Her Husband’s White House Pursuits

In fact, the inside source notes that Melania surfaced as the main star at the Republican fundraiser that took place at John Paulson’s $100-million Palm Beach house.

They note that her usual “serious” demeanor had vanished, and Melania seemingly never stopped smiling while being talkative and charming to all guests.

The GOP source notes to Page Six that Melania is very supportive of Donald’s campaign efforts and enjoys being a hostess.

As the months get closer to the big U.S. Presidential election in the fall, everyone can expect her to be at more events.

Melania Trump’s Views On Standing By Her Husband

As she hasn’t been by Donald Trump’s side at many events so far, some have viewed her as being a reluctant participant in his bid to become American President, once again. After this recent Florida fundraiser, it looks like no one will have to speculate on this anymore.

Ms. Trump’s former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN that Melania has said she doesn’t need to stand by Donald “the way Jill Biden” does for Joe; it’s like she’s holding him up.

Grisham notes that Melania is strong-willed, and her husband can’t tell her what to do. She goes on to say that she won’t do the “stand by your man” thing that Hillary Clinton did with Bill.

Still, the Republican fundraiser in Florida was a major event, and Melania was by Donald’s side, so the American people will have to see if she’ll continue this trend, moving forward as the November election nears.

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  1. PJS says

    I think she is back on her meds and she is bipolar.

  2. Betty LAXSON says

    I think she is an intelligent, strong woman, she will hold her own. She will stand by Trump because she knows how the media and the public listen to the media. They need to follow their hearts..

  3. Sally Mcauley says

    YAY,for Melania,she’s so much a good person,this is BS that happened 18 yrs ago,it happened with Hillary,Jill has to hold Joe up so he doesn’t fall down,hold your head up Melania your so much better than that,your husband needs to realize YOU & FAMILY are what really matters in his life

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