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Barron Trump Is Legal, Single, And Ready To Mingle

Barron Trump, the son of Donald and Melania Trump, turned 18 on March 20, 2024. The good news—he can now vote for his dad.

The bad news—he will become fair game for the media. Up until now Barron has eschewed the spotlight even when he lived in the White House. Barron is now 6’7″ and his invisibility could be a thing of the past.

Barron Trump – Is 18

According to Barron “embraces his newfound status as an official adult, Barron Trump is ready to step into the public eye and no longer seems content to stay on the sidelines.”

Barron Trump Is Legal, Single, And Ready To Mingle

Want proof? On April 3, 2024, business tycoon Justin Waller posted a photo of Barron on X “Taken during a visit to Mar-a-Lago, the image features Barron in the center of four other men: MMA fighter Colby Covington, Waller, businessman Patrick Bet-David, and Bo Loudon, the teenage son of news commentator Gina Loudon.”

Because it’s rare to catch a glimpse of Barron, the pic quickly went viral with over 28 million views and thousands of comments focused on Barron.

Here’s more proof of Barron’s popularity: “Waller also posted another photo from the same night, just him and Donald Trump; that one only garnered 2.5 million views.”

Barron Trump – Poised For Fame

And, before the picture was taken, Barron and Melania waved at a crowd Mar-a-Lago, instead of shielding themselves.

Barron was 10 years old when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Barron was not on the campaign trail and remained “mostly hidden for the four years Donald was in the Oval Office. When Barron was 13, Melania clapped back at someone who mentioned her son at a hearing, writing on X, ‘A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics.’”

Flash forward a few years and it seems that adult Barron is a lot looser with his image.

Barron Trump – On His Own

In fact, Waller’s photos weren’t the only ones posted from that night. MMA fighter Colby Covington posted a pic on Instagram from the same Mar-a-Lago party, with himself, Donald, and Barron, all with big smiles on their faces.

Covington has over one million followers so the Trump family knew Barron would be highly visible which underscores the sense that Barron could be about to take the training wheels off and forge his own public identity!

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