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Melania Trump’s Odd Behavior Is Raising Eyebrows Again

She just can’t decide if she’s in or if she’s out. Melania Trump’s odd behavior is once again raising eyebrows.

That’s because Donald Trump’s wife is turning up for some events but totally missing out on more important ones and of course, political fans want to know what’s really going on. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Melania Trump’s – Odd Behavior Is Raising Eyebrows Again

What is really going on with Melania Trump behind closed doors? That’s what many fans want to know. According to the latest reports, for some reason, the former First Lady did not show up to a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago on Friday to accept an award.

Melania Trump’s Odd Behavior Is Raising Eyebrows Again

Instead, her husband accepted it on her behalf, but he did not say why she wasn’t at the ceremony.

Yet on Saturday, Melania did appear with Donald Trump at a fundraiser with major donors at the Palm Beach home of a billionaire investor. And of course, everyone wants to know why.

For years now Melania has always made it pretty clear that her number one priority in her life has been her son, Barron Trump, and nothing else. That’s why there’s some speculation that she might have called off on Friday to be with him instead.

But there’s also heavy speculation that there might be trouble in the Trump marriage and that Melania might be using her leverage to do certain things while opting out on others. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that she’s behaved this way.

What’s Really Going On With Melania Trump?

So far Melania Trump herself hasn’t made any comments about the criticism, although at this point it’s highly unlikely that she will.

Melania is not one to explain her actions, which leaves Donald Trump rather frustrated with her behavior sometimes.

But at the same time, his hands are tied. He knows he needs Melania in order to continue winning his fans, his base, and the presidential election. 

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  1. Debbie says

    Leave her alone to do what she thinks appropriate for son, husband and herself. She is a beautiful person who loves her family.

    1. Patti says

      Melania is a gold-digger and any woman who stays with psycho Donald is as crazy as he is. Don’t feel sorry for her because she knew she was marrying a nut head!!!

  2. Chart says

    I think it’s funny she doing her thing, but than again she no better then he is. What did she do when she was first lady? The one person I feel sorry for is Barron, I’m sure he wish he didn’t have a Crazyman for a father. This Crazyman should not be running for office. What’s going to happen if they find him guilty? In the continuation if you are a felon you can’t run for ANY government job. I know I use to work for the government.

    1. Beverly says

      No one cares what you think. . Trump Strong 2024

      1. Moragamama says

        How Trump cult of you to admit you do not, cannot hear any other opinions. What a sad, clear way of saying you’re in a cult.

        1. Mike says

          The person who’s displaying cult-like behavior and attitude is you. You obviously have a neurotic hatred for your future president. The senile socialist and compulsive liar and the globalist cabal that is running this country in the ground only has another few months left. As soon as the adults are in charge again Trump’s going to reverse everything this failure has done to this country. Cry about it.

  3. Cheri says

    If Melania was smart she would run real fast for the hills! I don’t know how any woman would even consider staying with a convinced rapist!

    1. Mike says

      Probably because he’s not a “convinced rapist”. He was found civily responsible, you dolt. There’s a huge difference between that and being found guilty in front of a criminal court which requires a unanimous verdict. I’d explain the other differences to you but you’re obviously too stupid to understand anyway.

  4. Patricia says

    First of all what Melanie Trump does is her business we should be more concerned about the border crisis and illegal immigrants that’s here and the prices of inflation going up also I would like to say her mother passed a few months ago she’s probably still grieving instead of assuming let’s pray.

  5. Noreen says

    Why does Trump put up with her? She is a total taker. She had all her plastic surgery as a gift from him. He obsession with Barron is ridiculous and an excuse! Let him live his life! Will be better if he goes off to college and gets away from her. She is very narcissistic!

  6. Martin says

    Barron Trump is 18 years old. Stop saying his mother has to be with him. Unless he’s a sissy like his two brothers

  7. Heathen Lady says

    Pffft! Who cares?

  8. Cheryl says

    I believe she’s sick and tired of him his life and lies she’s just waiting on him to loose the upcoming election and then she’s out, plus their son will soon be in College and she will move to be wherever he attends . This is why she negotiated the prenup she already had hers in place she’s sitting up a future for her son bye-bye Donald

  9. Jack Washington says

    I really don’t care. Do you??

  10. Jan says

    Why stir up trouble when you do not have any idea what is going on? Or is that your real objective,
    To make people wonder and doubt?
    Media folks are so devious and fickle!!

  11. Vu truong says

    What happened behind closed doors is none of your business, tell everyone what happened behind your closed doors

  12. Elizabeth Schneider says

    I don’t know what’s going through her head!
    Maybe she’s tired of being in the spotlight!! Idk..

  13. Renee says

    Yes, I the way you think, jump to conclusions, and others also, are sickening and un-called for. All it does is keep stirring things up! First and foremost, it’s really nobody’s business but hers and President Trump’s. She doesn’t ever have to feel obligated to explain herself to you or anyone else! STOP THE JUDGING!!!

  14. Mike says

    Leftwing media obsesses over this trouble in Trump paradise fantasy (and anything else that might make Trump unhappy or damage him in any way). I’ve seen the same exact fantasy for several years now. Liberals should really seek psychological help in dealing with their neurotic hatred of this man. If I were him I wouldn’t even take it personally though. These clowns are so deranged that they hate, with a burning passion, anybody with an R next to their name or that doesn’t share their ridiculous political views. They’re going to act the exact same way to the next Republican that rises to power. Liberals are total losers with no solutions to the problems facing this country almost all of which have been caused by the Dumbocrat Party, the closest thing we have to Fascism in this country.

  15. says

    Behind every good man is a good woman. We are not talking about a godly couple here. Only God will judge them some day. I fell sad for the son.

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